Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun at Work

I'm sure most of you would never think accountants would have fun at work. We sit and work with numbers all day. Most people yawn just from hearing what I do. Yeah, not the most glamorous job in the world. I get it. Really. After all I work with the stuff every day.

In an effort to keep to liven up the mood in the office we're now doing some fun things. Wednesday is trivia day. We break into teams and compete against each other. The team with the most points at the end of the month gets lunch on the company. Each weekly winner gets a candy bar. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, my office is all about the food. The day I started and they found out I married a chef, they were super excited!)

Friday is Fun Friday. This was the 3rd week of Fun Friday's. Our first week was bingo. It was fun. We all won something. Last week was character dress up day. I was Cat in the Hat. Our first place winner last week was Little Red Riding Hood. She brought a basket of chocolate to bribe the voters with. Today my team had the pleasure of coming up with the fun. We put a lot of thought into it. And came up with 2 games we played and enjoyed as kids: scavenger hunt and pin the tail on the donkey. Only we didn't have a donkey. We played Pin the Tie on the Accountant.

It was hysterical watching our coworkers run around like mad trying to get everything. We made it more interesting by assigning points to each item, some were large, some were negative. Some of my favorite items were the red stapler, a la Office Space (it was on my desk), the desk chair, many used it to carry their stuff which was why it was worth negative points, and the 5 pieces of toilet paper with pink highlighter letters spelling out the company name. Everyone had a great time. And now the standard has been set. The next team has to come up with something to top us. Let's see if they can. If they do, we all have fun!

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Strange Mamma said...

Sounds like a load of fun! I have to say, that is one thing I miss about being a stay-at-home is just the comraderie of working with a group of people.