Sunday, September 28, 2008

Consignment Sale Time

There are consignment shops all over town. And of course there's stores like Goodwill. But, our local Junior League puts on a kids consignment sale twice a year. The fall/winter sale is here. I've been putting money back here and there to be able to really shop for Paige. The ladies of the Junior League are picky about what they accept. They do not accept clothes that are stained, torn, or with missing buttons.

The sale opens to the public on Wednesday at 10 am. I've volunteered to work a 4 hour shift, so I got to shop today with the other volunteers. The sale opened to us today at 4. I got there at 3:30 and was already almost at the end of the sidewalk from the building. Next Saturday is half price day. Anything without a red dot is half off. I'll go back then to shop for my friend Nikki. Today, I was shopping just for us. I did pretty well to. Here's my total:

1 dress
3 skirts
1 overalls
5 sweaters
13 shirts
11 pants
1 hat
1 jacket
1 sit & spin
8 Bob the Builder toy trucks.

Total spent? $132. Not too bad. The items I bought were name brand. I got a Ralph Lauren Polo sweater, purple with buttons at the shoulder, barely worn, $4. Tommy Hillfiger pants, look new, $4. Gap sweater dress, $5. Other name brands I got are Gymboree, Old Navy, Bongo, Gap, Osh Kosh & Levis. Usually I'm not about name brands. But, when buying used clothing I want something I know will hold up to more washings.

We have lots of pink, lots of sparlies, flowers & stripes. Of course there's the usual assortment of embroidery & rhinestones. Paige can uphold her title of best dressed at daycare again this winter. I get compliments all the time on how cute she's dressed. I've had Moms tell me they just can't afford $45 Polo sweaters for a 2 year old. I can't either. I can afford it for $4 though!

Daddy's Girl

In case there was ever any doubt, Paige is most definitely a Daddy's Girl. Today just really hit the point home. I heard Paige ask for Mommy on the monitor so I knew she was up from her nap. I went in to get her like a good Mommy.

Paige, "Mommy, there's something on your shirt."
Mommy, "Yes, Paige. There's something on my shirt."
"I don't know, Mommy." Little hands in the air.
"It's chocolate."
"It's chocolate!" Her eyes get big.
"Yes, Mommy is making Paige cookies."
"Cookies for Paige? Mommy make cookies?"
"Yes, Paige. Mommy is making cookies for you."
"I love you, Mommy!" As she throws her arms around me for a big hug.
"I love you to, my Paige."
"No, not Mommy's Paige. I Daddy's girl!"

Well, at least I'll have monster cookies to console myself with, right?

Friday, September 26, 2008


We all have one. That friend we've had forever. The one that will always be your friend no matter what. They know wayyyyy to much about you to ever let them get mad. Mine is Kim. She's been my best friend for probably close to 25 years now. Man. We're getting old. Anyway, Kim has known me forever and still loves me anyway. I've actually known her longer than Ronnie.

In junior high and high school we were inseparable. I'm an only child and she's the youngest of 4 girls. But, it's like we were meant to be sisters. We went to our first year of college together and realized we just can't live together. After that year I moved to Mobile and she joined the Army. A year later, I joined the Army. I got stationed in Panama and she got orders to Panama. Someone in Washington must have realized they screwed up putting us together in the place. Kim went to Hawaii instead.

Over the years we've both moved a lot. While she was in Hawaii I left Panama for Honduras and Germany. She left Hawaii for Kentucky while I went to Miami. She got married and had 2 beautiful girls. I got married, then divorced, then married again.

Currently, Kim lives in North Carolina and I'm in Alabama. Paige asks to talk to Aunt Kim. When the phone rings she asks if it's Grammy or Aunt Kim. If it is, she wants to talk. Kim and I chat everyday. Some days it's actually on the phone, some days it's only text messages, some days, like right now, it's chatting on Facebook. I guess there are times when we go longer without talking. Hectic lives with our families just overwhelms both of us some times. But, when we do, it's like we just talked the day before.

Now, go call your best friend. Doesn't matter if it's been a month, she'll be happy to hear from you. Really, she's been meaning to call, she's just been busy. If you had a fight, go say you're sorry. It doesn't matter if you were wrong or if she was. Just go say it. You'll both feel better. Life is short & she knows a lot about you. Do you really want her repeating it to the world?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Halloween is coming!

It's almost the end of September and our temperatures have dropped below 90. That must mean Halloween is fast approaching. And I can't wait. It's one of Ronnie's favorite holidays. Our house doesn't really get many trick or treaters, but we go all out for Paige. Last year we dressed as Jedi. Paige was the perfect Yoda. Ronnie & I dug our Jedi robes from the back of the closet and off we went.

This year Paige gets some say in what she wants to be for Halloween. Maybe we'll tell her soon what she's going to be. We don't think there will be any problems. Paige will be Bob the Builder, I will be Wendy, and Ronnie will be Bob's Dad. Paige's costume is pretty easy. They do make a Bob costume, but we just didn't like it. It looks too plasticy and cheesy. So, we're making it. We found material that closely resembles what Bob wears, so Grammy is making us a shirt. Add some overalls, boots and the Bob the Builder tool belt from Target, and we're done. The tool belt even came with a hardhat. Our costumes are just as easy to put together. Grammy even had the red button earrings that Wendy wears!

I'm one of those mom's that goes all out for things at daycare too. I'm sure the other moms roll their eyes when they see the goody bags I put together. I just finished the ones for the Halloween party. I started with cups, and filled the bottom with spider webs. I then added mini Play Doh, bubbles, spider ring, foam stickers (cat, bat, pumpkin, ghost) & 2 pieces of candy. I put it into a goody bag, and tied it with Halloween ribbon, adding a name tag to each bag.

Ronnie will probably have to work Halloween night. Both of us will be attending the daycare party. We can dress up and help with taking the kids trick or treating. Our daycare is located in a cul-de-sac. For weeks before Halloween they collect candy from parents, and take it to the businesses in the cul-de-sac. The kids then go trick or treating for the candy. Of course there's always a party too. I can't wait.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Paige did it!!!

She pooped in the potty!!!!! Huge milestone for us. We sent Paige to daycare in big girl panties today. Ann, the director, told me Paige was doing pretty well, except for pooping. So, instead of diapers, we went with the big girl panties. She had 1 accident all day, which I think is really good. Ronnie picked her up and she was still in the big girl panties & he was told the good news. As soon as they got home Paige got to pick 2 M&M's as a treat.

Looks like we'll be buying a bike pretty soon. Tomorrow will be a big test. We'll be shopping with my parents. Let's hope we can do it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ronnie's new job

Beth's comment reminded me that I haven't told you about Ronnie's new job yet! Things have been so hectic I forgot to mention it. Sorry! :)

Ronnie started work at Carrabba's last Wednesday. It's an Italian chain restaurant, much like Olive Garden, but a bit more high end. It's not his dream job, but it's a job. He's working nights since they aren't open for lunch. He was hired in as a line cook, with the idea of having him be assistant kitchen manager within 6-8 months, and kitchen manager within 12-18 months. So, definite growth potential.

One good thing about Carrabba's is that they don't just preach family time, they actually practice it. Ronnie told them when he was hired that he has a wife and daughter and that he must have either Saturday or Sunday off each week. He's asked for Sunday, but realizes for scheduling purposes they may need him on a Sunday. So, as long as they give him 1 weekend day off a week, he's fine with whichever day it is. Managers are required to take 2 days off a week. If something comes up once in a while, that happens. But, no manager may work continually without a day off.

Ronnie's able to get up with us in the morning and spend time with Paige. She has to be at daycare by 9. They get up and play, eat breakfast, read books, whatever she feels like doing. Then, Ronnie drops her off at 9, and heads back home. He has part of the day to clean, do laundry, play video games or take a nap. He can be in to work anywhere from 10 am to 6 pm and work a full 8 hour shift.

It's a learning curve for all 3 of us. Paige is testing Mommy as far as she can. Last night she went to bed early without Bob the Builder. I think we'll adjust pretty well though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

That's a good Daddy

We've hit the Why stage. I knew it would happen sooner or later. Well, it hit full force last week. I refuse to give Mom's standard answer "Because I said so." That means I have to come up with some answers. Here's our conversation driving home from daycare:

Paige, "Where Daddy?"
Mommy, "Daddy's at work."
"To make money."
"Daddy has to make money to buy Paige new shoes."

She had to think about that over. In case you don't know Paige has a serious shoe fetish. A minute later I hear from the backseat:

"Daddy works to make money to buy me new shoes?"
"Yes, Paige. Daddy goes to work to make money so you can have new shoes."
"OOOOHHHHH! That's a good Daddy!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm totally addicted to this video game; it's the reason my bathroom hasn't been cleaned. If you haven't heard of it, you're probably lucky. It's really a great game. You start off as a cell, and you evolve. How you evolve is up to you. You can start as a herbivore or carnivore. You evolve from the primordial soup to land to exploring the galaxy.

It's from the same creators as Sims. I think he's the same guy who did Civilizations. I've never been interested in the others. I tried them, but they just weren't for me. Spore? Extremely addictive & totally fun. It's not doing my auditing grade a favor, but I do enjoy the break. Problem is you say you'll play for 20 minutes and an hour and a half later you realize 20 minutes is up.

Best part? It plays on my Mac!! Finally, a game I enjoy that is Mac compatible.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Accounts boring?

Never. Who says accountants are boring? Paige is asleep, Ronnie is at work, even the cats are napping. It's Friday night & I have the house to myself. So, what am I doing? Well, I've cleaned the toys out of the bathtub for starters. I dug out some bath crystals & a nice sugar scrub. I've fixed a rum and Coke. And I'm getting ready to slide into the tub. I can't get into the tub without something to read. Here's the good part. I'm reading audit standards. I know you thought it would be Stephen King. Nope. I'm reading audit standards for an upcoming exam.

Yeah, accountants are boring.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


How do you remember this day? If you’re like most of the world you remember it as the day the towers fell. That’s to be expected. It’s how most of the world remembers 9/11. But, if you live in the small community of Latimer, Mississippi, you may remember it the way I do.

I remember it as Christmas mornings, flannel shirts, & getting stitches removed sitting on the dog feed. I also remember it as a 55 year marriage, 8 children, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. See, today is Paw Paw’s birthday. Paw Paw, Erie to most of you, was born September 11, 1928, long before the terrorist attacks of 2001 made the day famous. Granny and Paw Paw had 8 kids: Ann, Eileen, Shari, Glennis, (Little) Erie, Jr, Tony, Ralph & Kenny. Naming grandkids and great-grandkids will have to wait.

Granny and Paw Paw ran the store in Latimer. Granny still does with Kenny’s help. The community recently honored them for everything they’ve done for Latimer. People will remember him that way, and that’s good. But it’s not the whole picture.

I remember Christmas mornings waking up to presents under the tree and a fire in the fireplace. How could I forget hunting season? Getting up early to watch everyone get ready. Most people went out hunting in trucks, not Paw Paw. He went out in his Cadillac. May as well be comfy, right? And how could I forget the Girl Scout banquets he attended? Sitting patiently through all the awards and eating food that was probably awful.

When I was 7 or 8 I got stitches in my leg. I clearly remember the doctor putting them in. I only wanted Aunt Thelma to take them out. When the day came, Aunt Glennis drove me to the doctor. I told her before we left I wouldn’t let the doc take them out. And I didn’t. we drove back to the store, stitches still in my leg. Paw Paw sat me down on the dog food, put his belt in his lap, and removed my stitches. That’s probably the closest he ever came to disciplining me.

After he officially retired, Paw Paw still kept up residence in the back of the store. Next to the meat market where he taught me to use the slicer is his chair. There’s also a coffeepot and lots of other chairs. Most people who come through stop, have a cup of coffee, and shoot the bull. These are probably some of my fondest memories.

Paw Paw didn’t live to meet Paige. He passed away just after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005. He knew I was having a girl. He told me so 2 weeks before my big ultrasound. There are some ways that Paige is like him: her love of garlic, her ability to sleep anywhere (do you know of another 2 year old who tells you it’s time for their nap?) and her stubbornness. Some days, I wonder if she’s his reincarnation. If she is, someone help us!

His funeral wasn’t ordinary, just like him. The church is meant to seat about 100. That day it held over 300 by some guesses. There was no air conditioner because there was no power. While the family was there, the volunteer fire department had a rotating guard on our homes watching for looters. And the people who attended. It was definitely a sight to see. Katrina had just destroyed most of their homes. They were living with friends, family, in shelters, or camping in their yards. People were watching for looters & trying to find their friends and family who had left. Some were dressed up as best they could. Others came by to pay their respects in the cut-offs and t-shirts they were wearing to clean out their homes. I think Paw Paw would have liked it. He was definitely known for his stubbornness. Before we went I told Ronnie the power would probably come back on just after the funeral so Paw Paw could be stubborn. I was right. Within 30 minutes of the funeral being over, the power was restored.

Happy birthday, Paw Paw.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Hello Everyone!

Little girl got a haircut!

Personally I like the shoes.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

It's Super Kitty!!!

We still fight with R2 daily on his climbing on our counters. Today, he almost had to find a new home.

Ronnie turned from the counter to the sink. There was a blur from the corner of his eye. R2 had jumped across the bar, snagged a piece of bacon from the counter and dove under the kitchen table. All within a matter of seconds. Ronnie followed him under the table to reclaim his bacon. R2 spent some quality time outside after that.

Dude, stay away from the bacon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boiled Cookies

These are my favorite cookies of all time. I will gladly give up white chocolate chip macadamia cookies for these any day. People will look at you weird if you tell them they're eating boiled cookies. You know, that look you gave your computer screen when you read the title. You'll get that one. You could call them chocolate oatmeal cookies if you want. But, that isn't what Granny called them.

Boiled cookies are easy, even for the kitchen challenged. They may not set right if you make them on a day with 100% humidity though.

1 stick butter
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup Cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1 t. vanilla
2 1/2 cups oatmeal

Put everything except the oatmeal in a pot. Bring to a roaring boil for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in oatmeal. Drop by the spoonful onto wax paper. Once they're cool enjoy!

Use real butter. I've found that using no-salt butter will cause them to harden even in 90% humidity. The Walmart brand works just fine.
For cocoa we have a can of Hershey's. It works great.
Use real oatmeal, not instant. Again, we bought the big tub of Walmart oatmeal. Hey, it'll only be used for these cookies.
We harden ours on our steel table in the kitchen. This causes them to harden almost instantly. No waiting for them to cool.

Finally, hide them from the kids. These things rock. If you share them now you'll be sharing them forever.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

May the fork be with you...

Tomorrow. Every child gets attached to certain objects. And every parent says words they never thought they would. I have added to my collection of Things I Never Thought I Would Say. Tonight I uttered the words "No, Paige, you can't take the fork to bed with you. You can have it back in the morning." A 10 minute melt down followed.

Here's the fork:

It looks innocent enough, right? I thought so too. Paige has played with this fork for 2 days now. She's fed Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Wii, her babies. She stabbed Ryan with it on accident. (It was the blunt in and she tripped while holding it.) This fork has been in her Dora backpack, her play kitchen, and on the dinner table. I don't know why the sudden attachment to the fork. Aunt Wii gave it to us when Paige started on solids. It's an old set of Ryan's. I think it may have even been Jeff's. (Wow. Jeff's 20. Old fork, huh?) We have the matching spoon. Wonder how long till she gets attached to that.

Last night Paige gave it up no problem. Tonight? I had to pry it from her hands. The entire time I was hearing "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands" in the back of my mind. She screamed. She gave night night kisses while screaming and begging for her fork. She even tried to drink a cup of milk while screaming for it. Finally, we convinced her. The fork is safely on the counter. Paige is finally asleep.

Of course, I could hear Aunt Wii, Unc & Ryan laughing down the hall as Daddy & I tried to calm her down. Thanks guys. And thank you to Ryan for the title.

That's just wrong

My friend Kim lives in North Carolina. Her husband, Ken, is stationed in Louisiana. Yeah it sucks and he gets home to NC as often as he can. He flew from the New Orleans airport last week to go home for the long weekend. He was scheduled to fly back in Monday evening. Of course the airport was closed for Gustav. He flew back in today, the first day the airport was open. Ken got his truck and drove to the exit. He was shocked when he got to the toll booth. Can you believe the New Orleans airport charged him parking for the days he was closed? That's just wrong.

Let Loose The Dogs Of War!!

Hello, It's Ronnie!

Yep, my turn to say a few words about the ongoing struggle of parents and children.

If you have been keeping up with Angie, you all know that I'm a out of work bum. So instead of going out to find a job, I have been lounging around the house in my smoking jacket eating Bon Bons. Actually I'm taking a week off, since I only had two days off during the month of August, I deiced to take some time to spend with Paige. I am trying to come up with different things to do, not just sit around the house. Today we are going to Municipal Park to see the old trains. But, yesterday was special. Yesterday, Paige and I went to visit the U.S.S. Alabama battleship park.

Here she is on the deck of the ship. We went inside and some parts she was cool with, but others she was kinda afraid of. I held her a lot while inside. When we got to the galley, she ran around looking at all the models of the old ships.

There is also a plane museum for aircraft. She went through this twice. "Daddy, take picture of me and plane!" So as you would imagine, I did.

The, "That's my plane!" pose.

There is also an old WWII Submarine, The U.S.S. Drum, we went thou that, again she was kinda scared through about half of the ship. The bridge kinda freaked he out though. Paige kept waving and saying hello to a group of elderly who were on a group tour of the park. One of them was nice enough to offer to take a pic of us in the sub. In case you were wondering, yes the hat I am wearing is from the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 and on it is a Command pin from Star Trek, SciFi Daddy.

After the Sub we went back to see the planes, then Paige wanted to go back to the boat. This time we went up. All the way to the bridge of the ship, thank goodness for timer settings on cameras. The she wanted to eat lunch, the she said it was time for a nap. So we went back down and left the boat. Not before we went and saw he planes again.

For being such a good sport, I stopped by McD's to get some french fries. If you know anything about us, that was a huge treat. (I don't believe in fast food, something about being able to that myself or something) All in all, we had a very good day. I'm still trying to think of something extra special for Friday. Maybe the Zoo:)

For those of you who don't know about our ship,

Take a look.

Thanks for reading.

Ronnie Tony Elvis

Monday, September 1, 2008


Major disappointment. We barely got any wind & rain! I was looking forward to at least some storm. Don't get me wrong, we got a little. But, it was more like an afternoon rain storm than a hurricane. We're down to just a bit of drizzle and a little wind now. Of course our power flickered this morning when it was mostly done.

Potty Training
Complete failure yesterday afternoon. She peed in her big girl panties more than in the potty. I decided to go back to diapers and try again soon. It's not a complete give up though. Daycare does work with her and is trying to potty train her there as well. Let's see if they do better than we did.