Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting back to it

Thanks for bearing with me guys.  Life is getting back to normal, as much as it can.  It's tax season and I'm working 50 hours a week.  We're getting ready for Mardi Gras in a few weeks and our annual trip to New Orleans.  Of course, this being tax season, there's a good chance it will only be Ronnie and Paige hitting up the parades this year.  Our rooms have been booked at Hotel Aunt Connie since our check out last year.  It's an annual reservation.  I'm determined to get back on track with everything, including the Wii Active.  I've been putting that off as well.

It looks like the roof repairs finally have worked.  We had a rain storm the other night and no leakage in the bathroom or the living room.  We have anemic squirrels.  They must be since they keep eating the metal parts of the roof to get more iron. All metal pieces have been replaced with rubber pieces and re-tarred.  It's now safe for me to put back all of Paige's books and our pictures.  Sounds like a plan for later in the week. Today is my first day off in 7 days.  It's the middle of the day and I'm still in jammies.  I have no desire to get dressed today.  I certainly don't plan on leaving the house.  Laundry is done and put away.  The only other thing we have to do today is cook dinner.  Lunch is left overs, or as we call it, pick your meal.  My goal for this week is 1 post every day.  Let's see if I can keep up with it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Facebook- It's like virtual high school

Like a lot of people I'm a member of Facebook.  I've spent quite a few hours there over the past several years.   If you look me up you'll find out all sorts of private information: my full real name, where I live, where I work, my hubby's full real name, and Paige's.  I also post a lot more photos there than here.  Because there's so much personal information about me I'm very picky on who I'm friends with.  I'm only friends with people I know, whether that's in real life or the great internet friends I've made over the years.  I'm not really friends with family members, because I don't want to have to censor what I say.  If I'm upset with a family member and post it, I don't want the rest of the family to hear about it and get involved.

On Wednesday evening I had a friend request from someone I'll call Vanessa.  I didn't recognize her, and clicked on the option to show our mutual friends.  Hmmmm, several mutual friends, all people from high school.  Oh, she must have only listed her married name, new to Facebook so no photo yet, I'm sure I'll figure out who she is, so I accept her request.  So does Ronnie.  Several of us posted asking for a picture, her maiden name, year she graduated, what she participated in, something to job our memories.  Quite a few of us have no idea who Vanessa really is.  She sends me a page request for me to become a friend of a business Facebook page.  I click ignore since it's something I'm really not interested in.  Thursday afternoon I get home and she's sent me the same page request again.  That annoys me.  I've already gotten it and indicated I'm not interested, leave me alone.  I decide to visit her page, and that's when I start to wonder.

Overnight Vanessa has gone from 20 friends to almost 250.  Wow, I don't even have that many after several years.  Like I said, I'm picky.  There are numerous posts asking who is she or for a picture.  Ronnie and I got out our annuals.  Can't find her.  Can't find her for the year she graduated, for the 4 years before that, or the year we graduated.  (One year after she claims to have attended the school.)  I think something is wrong and de-friend her.  Ronnie posts one more time explaining we can't find her in the annuals, and asking again to make sure we had her maiden name correct.  She immediately deleted his post.  He posted again.  Once again she immediately deleted.  He then posted the same thing on his status.  She de-friended him, then blocked him from seeing her.  That sends up big huge red warning flags for both of us.  I posted it on my profile since I had already dropped her.  Turns out no one from school remembered her.  Not one person.  Then we find out she has created another profile, saying she went to our rival high school, graduating 2 years later than she claimed on this profile, and was friending that schools alumni.  The person who told me about the second profile has been a friend since junior high, yes I believe her.  She's trying to find out from her friends who went to that school if anyone remembers Vanessa.

Facebook may not seem like a big deal to some and ask why not just accept her friend request.  There's way too much personal information that tells you exactly who I am and where I am.  My profile is private, only friends can see it.  It links you directly to my daughter's facebook page.  You know, my 4 year old.  It even says what daycare she attends.  I'm sorry if that sounds paranoid, but too many people have their identity stolen, or their child.  Yes, I'm sure she wasn't after my child.  But you never know what it is she wants, or who she really is.

Oh, and this morning she had posted how mean my husband was to her.  Really?  It's mean to ask you how we know you?  I'll have to remember that.  So, if I haven't seen you for almost 20 years and you see me on the street, don't be shocked if I don't ask who you are.  That would just be rude.  According to Vanessa's message it would be best if I just ignored you.  Some people never grow up.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Definite Progress

I checked back in with my doc yesterday.  I have lost exactly 20 pounds since just before Thanksgiving.  I'm counting that as a good thing.  In fact, just 17 more pounds and I'll be at my goal weight.  It's taken me a while to get this close to it, so I'm happy to be over halfway there.  I took a break from Active, and I can tell.  I'm back on it now and I'm determined to drop more weight.  Luckily I haven't changed my eating habits much so I'm sure I'll be able to get completely back on track.

Last night I should have worked out, but we had a horrible rainstorm and found out the roofers didn't completely fix the leak.  In fact, it spread a bit.  I spent the evening unloading Paige's bookshelf and our built in cabinets.  Then I had to find enough bowls.  This morning things appear to be dry, so I'm happy about that.  Off to check Wunderground to see how much rain we're supposed to get today.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I've really slacked off on the Wii Active.  Not just over the last week or so when I was out of town, just overall slacking off.  I started back up tonight on the medium setting.  No easing back into it, I went full our medium.  I haven't even tried hard yet and don't plan on it anytime soon.  My thighs hurt.  I'm sure they'll be worse tomorrow.  Those squats were just bad today!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy Day Is Good

I'm laying here on the couch with my MacBook on my lap, kitten asleep on my legs, in my jammies with NCIS going on the DVD.  Uncle Little Erie loaned me seasons 1 through 6 of NCIS.  I'm mostly through Season 1 since I've seen most of them already.  I did manage to organize the fridge yesterday.  That means I do still have to clean off my dresser and do a few other pieces of housework.  Maybe when I finish this disc of NCIS.  Paige and Ronnie left almost 3 hours ago.  Adding in time to stop off and pick up Ronnie's Mom, they should be making it to New Orleans soon.  My lunch plans are very simple: whatever junk food I can still find in the fridge.  Not sure what that will be yet.  

Being gone for a week has left me with stuff that really must be done.  I've unpacked but not everything has been put away and I still can't find my medicine.  I know it's here somewhere.  My arthritis demands that I put everything away until I can find that medicine though.  Especially with all the rain.  I know I didn't leave it at Moms; she would have called.  

I really am enjoying the peace and quiet. I didn't go because I'm not up for a birthday party just yet.  But also I need time to de-stress and relax a bit.  This past week was hard emotionally, I need this time to myself to sort through things and get ready for the week ahead.  Luckily Ronnie's side of the family understands that I need this time.  Next weekend we do have Paige's party at Moms house.  She wouldn't hear of canceling it or moving it somewhere else.  It's always been planned to be a small family party.  She has requested a Belle cake from Beauty & the Beast.  That much has been planned for: I have a Belle playset that will be placed on a cake made to look like an open book.  After all, Belle is her favorite Princess because she likes to read just like Paige does.  I need to put together goody bags for the kids and organize some activities.  I do think I'll be forgiven if the party isn't up to my usual standards.  Normally I get things ready for a few weeks or a month leading up to a party, this time I just didn't do it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mommy Day

Tomorrow Ronnie and Paige are going to New Orleans.  His sister Connie is holding a birthday party for those born in January: Connie, Paige & Maw Maw, their grandmother.  They have to leave early to get there, so by 8:30 they'll be on the road.  That means I have a day to myself.  I just don't feel up to a party right now.  I have all sorts of fun things planned: cleaning off my dresser (again), organizing the fridge, watching Away We Go and having an NCIS marathon.  Laundry is almost done, and I can get the rest of the housework done tonight.  If I can get to the fridge and my dresser tonight I will.  The least amount of housework I have to do tomorrow, the better.  And if I don't reorganize I'm OK with that too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm back home

My Dad has been ill for years now.  He's had various medical conditions.  Without going into too much detail, let me just say never smoke.  Emphysema and COPD are not fun.  He was in ICU last week when Dr. B wanted to speak with us.  He felt it was time to go to hospice or end of life care.  Mom and I decided to move him from ICU to the 3rd floor of the hospital.  They had stayed there most of their times in the hospital.  That night many of the nurses came in to see my parents, cry with Mom, and to thank her for bringing him back down to them.  A couple of nurses even came in on their off time.

Friday morning it turned worse.  We decided that with everything else going on, we would make Dad a DNR.  When Dr. B was talking to us, and crying with us, he told us his last memories of his Mom was on a ventilator, waiting for his brother to get there to say goodbye.  He asked us to think about that and decide what we wanted that last image to be.  We wanted something peaceful, like Paw Paw had.  Friday morning, with my Mom's hand on his heart, he passed away.  We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any better.  There were a few family members there with us at the time as well.

We checked the weather forecast to decide what day to hold the funeral.  We were in the 20's and 30's, so a high of 54 sounded great, with no rain making it even better.  The ceremony was simple.  My Uncle Little Erie (oldest of the boys) performed the service.  You see, years ago, all Uncle Little Erie wanted was to finish his coffee.  My parents were going over what my Dad thought he wanted, to be cremated, and what Mom was never going to let happen.  He agreed, only if Uncle Little Erie would perform the service.  In order to finish the coffee while it was still hot, he agreed.  He said he thought he would duck out on it, but the older he gets the more he realizes a last wish should always be honored.  After the service 10 pallbearers carried him from the church to the family cemetery, about 50 yards away.  Graveside was an almost full military service.  We had the folding of the flag, a 21 gun salute, but no Taps.

The family cemetery is located next to all of our family property.  We walked over to my Aunt Glennis' house for something to eat.  The Navy sailors from the honor guard came with us.  They don't usually get invited to something like this, and more often than not, they can't stay if they do.  This time it just worked out.  They sat down with us to eat and have a beer.  One of them even ate crawfish for the first time and loved the crawfish bisque so much he got the recipe before they left!

Everything was very simple and nice.  It was exactly what he would have wanted.  As for the beer, no we don't usually end things this way.  It was a request given to Ronnie months ago.  And one that he honored.

And to clear up a few things:  Granny has informed me that she was not 21 in that picture, she was 17.  And Paw Paw was not in a Caddy, he was in a Ford. He was too young and broke to have a Ford when that picture was taken.

Monday, January 11, 2010


For those of you who aren't Facebook friends, my Dad passed away last week.  Life is on pause at the moment.  I'll be back at home next week and will be back to blogging soon after that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Light Switch Extender

Have a toddler or preschooler?  Can't quite reach the light switch?  Refuses help and won't use her stool because she doesn't need it?  If you answered yes to the above you just might live in my house.  Or, have a child very similar to mine at least.  I remembered this thing Aunt Glennis had in her hall bathroom when her boys were small.  It was an extender.  That way when the boys went in they could push up on the bottom and turn the lights on and off themselves.

I looked and looked for one for Paige, but could never find one around here.  I searched online a few times, but didn't find anything.  I got lucky over the weekend.  Wendy cleaned out the very tip top shelf over her washer and dryer.  You know the one that's so high up you have no idea how that stuff got up there in the first place, and cleaning it off isn't at the top of your to do list.  In fact it's not even close to the to do list. Yeah, she cleaned that shelf.  And look what she found:

It's exactly the same one Aunt Glennis had.  I'm just happy it was found in the top back of that shelf.  Paige loves it.  She can turn on the light, she can turn it off, she doesn't need us to do it for her anymore. I've been looking again online, and I found this one on Amazon.  They are definitely worth it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Paige the Party Animal

We spent the weekend in party overload.  OK, so we didn't have that many parties, but it seemed like it.  Thursday night was very quiet.  Paige went to bed at 8 as usual.  I rang in 2010 by finishing the new Orson Scott Card novel, Hidden Empire.  Ronnie was already asleep since he had to be at work very early the next day.

Friday we attended a ceremony at the Mason Lodge in Ocean Springs.  My Uncle Ralph was the outgoing Master.  A family friend, and more like family than friend, Mr. Jerry, was the incoming master.  We were unable to attend the ceremony for Uncle Ralph last year, so we definitely made it for this one.  The dinner started off pretty good with steak, black eyed peas, coleslaw, sweet tea, and cake.  Paige was worried there wouldn't be cake.  The ceremony itself was nice.  It was interesting to see how the induction is done.  Granny was recognized for all of the things she does for the Masons through the year.  I would post a picture from the ceremony, but I'm not sure how the Masons would feel about it, so I'll refrain.  This is the one event that is open to family, but I don't want to overstep by posting pictures I shouldn't.

Saturday we went to Robbie's 3rd birthday party.  I didn't know that Chick-Fil-A was doing birthday parties, but this one did.  It was nice.  The kids had a blast playing in the indoor play area.  The service was very attentive.  Best of all? As the party was packing up, I spotted a friend I haven't seen since I graduated from high school, in 1991.  Kyla hasn't changed much.  I would have recognized her even without the updated pictures I've seen on Facebook.

Sunday was the much anticipated Bob the Builder birthday party.  Paige's birthday isn't until the 23rd.  But, the last day of the Bob exhibit was yesterday.  We booked the party for the last one of the exhibit.  Paige had fun playing with her friends in the Bob exhibit.  Especially with Jude, who had been on vacation for a week.

The first half of the party, in the exhibit, was good.  The second half left something to be desired.  I voiced my displeasure today with the Exploreum staff, and it was taken care of.  I'm happy with the outcome.  The best part of the time in the party room was Bob himself.  Now, Bob has been regularly visiting the exhibit.  But up there, you must share him with all the kids.  When Bob visits your birthday, it's just you, your friends and Bob.

Yes, my pink little girl had a Bob the Builder birthday party.  Go figure.  It's what she asked for.  Now, for parties 2 and 3.  There's a party for the January "babies" in New Orleans with Ronnie's family.  I use the word baby very loosely, as the 2 other January birthdays are Ronnie's older sister and grandmother.  Then, on her birthday, we'll have a small family party at my parents house.