Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Christmas Gift

Our family got an early Christmas gift from Dr. B, my Dad's cardiologist.  On Wednesday it was decided my Dad needed to have a heart cath.  My parents met with Dr. B on Thursday, yesterday.  It was scheduled for today.  He has been having irregular heartbeats.  The EKG's indicated 2 to 3 blockages.  Because of other medical conditions Dr. B decided to tackle this in stages.  Today was stage 1.

Stage 1 was exploration.  Dr. B would do the heart cath, and see where the blockages are.  Stage 2 would take place on Monday or Tuesday where any repair work would be done.  This would allow Dr. B to use a minimum amount of die, which is bad for your kidneys.  He would map the blockages, then use the maps next week and not be required to use the dye.  This would be best on the kidneys.

Stage 1 took place at 10.  At 10 AM Dr. B kicked us out of the prep area.  He said they would finish up prep, and do the procedure, that we should expect it to take an hour.  Imagine our surprise when just 30 minutes later we were called to the consultation room.  Granny (Mom's Mom) and Uncle Little Erie (her oldest brother) were with us.  Mom said she felt it would be good news, I wasn't so sure.  Dr. B walked in with the absolute biggest smile on his face.  He said it took half the time because there were no blockages to map.  None.  Dr. B's exact words?  "His arteries look better then mine.  I have more blockage than he does."

Stage 2 has been cancelled.  Dr. B said that this is our Christmas gift.  He also said he feels much better about his family vacation to Bethlehem now knowing that everything is good.  Being the person I am, I had to ask about the irregular heartbeat and what is causing it.  Dr. B says it's probably his heart trying to keep up with other medical issues and some infections.  Now that he knows there are no blockages, he can control the heartbeat with medicines.

When Dr. B left the room we immediately pulled out cell phones and started calling the rest of the family.  Mass text messages were sent out.  Our family has had our first Christmas gift.  I know, you aren't supposed to open them early.  I hope you'll forgive us the faux pas.  But I can promise this is one gift that won't be re-gifted.  I hope your Christmas gifts are as wonderful as ours.

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C. Beth said...

That is SUCH a great Christmas gift. Awesome.