Monday, June 1, 2009

Our fun, FREE weekend

Summer fun is here and in our town, that means some cool, free stuff. If you haven't checked out your local library summer reading program, you should. And fast. Our library kicked off Saturday with some arts & crafts fun. This years theme is Be Creative. They let kids be creative by making shakers, sun visors, and notepads. They also had a bean bag toss game setup and volunteers were giving tattoos. We were joined by my friend Lisa and her daughters Celeste & Aaliyah.

Here Celeste models her new tattoo.

Paige and Aaliyah make sun visors.

At the end Max came out to greet everyone. Paige gave him a high five.

They have some nice giveaways for the readers. We got a certificate for a free kids kup from Smoothie King, a free kids meal at Applebees, and a voucher for a free kids ticket to a local minor league ball game, with discounted tickets for Mom & Dad. The finale this year is held at a local art museum. Free admission for the family, and scheduled kids events as well. We have some good stuff to do and all of it free, for almost free. Our library does a great summer program! You should check out yours.

Sunday we went to one of the best free attractions in our area: the beach. We're not on the beach, but are within a 30 minute drive of a beautiful, clean beach.

Let's go, Mommy!

Paige & Daddy swimming.

A very serious builder.

Thanks to SPF 50 all of us came home without a burn. We only stayed out about 2 and a half hours. We didn't want to overdo it. After looking at my burnt crispy coworkers today, I'm glad we kept it short.

We definitely had a fun weekend. Other than a little bit of gas to get where we wanted to go, the entire weekend was free. I'm on the lookout for other free stuff over the summer. With school out there's plenty going on. The trick is to find what you like to do, at a time where you can do it. Most of the fun things I've found are during the workday, when I'm, well, at work. Weekend stuff is a bit harder to find, but you can.

On a side note, please forgive the sporadic postings. My coworkers had warned me that I'm taking a very time intensive class. Shortening it from an entire semester to a summer mini semester makes it that much harder. I'm enjoying the class, so don't get me wrong. But we average a full chapter each class. Before class I need to have read the chapter & done the assigned problems to help understand. Then, after class, there's a problem to do in our ongoing project. Portions of the project are due almost every class. If you notice, most of my posts are done between 7:45 and 8:30 pm. I do them just after Paige goes to bed. I leave for class at 7:30 and get home about 10:30 or so. I just can't find the time to post while in class (probably a good thing) and I'm doing homework most other nights. I'll figure it out. Just remember, it will all be over on July 23rd. That's when I take my final.


Monica said...

I so miss being near the beach...the lake is NOT the same

C. Beth said...

Both of those things look like so much fun! We haven't been to our library in months--need to get back into the habit.