Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cell Phone Etiquette

We are firmly a cell phone society. I love my cell phone. I have a full keyboard to allow for easier texting. And I admit, I have more texts per month than minutes used. We've all accepted that the person next to us in Taco Bell is chatting on their cell phone. It must not be too private a conversation if the rest of us can hear it. And like all the other people I know, I've gotten good at tuning it out.

With iPhones making it so easy to surf the internet all the time, we're a very in touch world. There's nothing wrong with being in touch. But sometimes, it is just too much. I can ignore you texting & talking on your phone, even surfing the internet. But did you ever stop to think how rude that is?

I'll check my phone when it rings to see who it is. I do the same with texts. If I would stop my conversation with you in order to take a call from that person, I'll answer the text or accept the call. (I do have friends who just can't talk on the phone, they send texts instead- always.) If it's not a call I really need to take, I'll let it go to voicemail, or not respond to the text. That's the great thing about texts, you can answer when you have time. I will finish chatting with you, then return the message.

I understand that not everyone does this. There are people who really need to answer every text or accept every call. What about those who compulsively surf the internet on their phone? That's just as distracting to me, and as rude, as them completely ignoring me the entire time I'm with them.

When this really bothers me is in class. That's right, in class. There are people sitting right there in the front row surfing the internet and texting the entire time the teacher is lecturing. I find that rude to the teacher. I'm sure their grades will reflect this since they haven't really paid attention to the lecture. But to me it's still rude. Not quite as rude as those who brought in their laptops to watch the NBA finals during class, but pretty close. And the teacher is aware of it. I see their class participation points dropping swiftly.

Have you become one of the rude ones? Do you surf the internet while your friend talks to you? Do you spend all your time texting so much that the person in front of you sends a text to get your attention? Is your cell glued to your ear?

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Kim said...

ok I know why I always get your voicemail!! I have the same type of people at work who will excuse themself from taking care of a patient to answer the call..I know not everyday they have an emergency and like you if it is not something to do with the kids I will get it when I can and to check to see who called is not an excuse me or is me being sneaking and peaking while doing something on the computer so it is not is great to a point!!