Monday, May 26, 2008

Can I go back to work yet?

Really. Can I? Please? I have enjoyed my long weekend. I've painted a chalkboard wall for Paige. Ronnie completely took apart the kitchen and laundry rooms, cleaned, organized, and put back together. We went to our first party at Pump It Up. Paige jumped and slid till her heart was content. We had some friends over today for a cookout. We spent our morning painting the back patio with Crayola washable sidewalk paint. Sounds like a good weekend, right?

Wrong. Someone, I won't say who, is teething. She's been cranky, whiny, and even cried a couple of times. Very not like her. She has been sent to her room at least 4 times over the weekend. These 2 year molars are awful! I thought she had all of her teeth. At our 2 year check up I was told she was done. Dr. Laycock miscounted. I didn't even realize until Saturday morning that she had more teeth coming in. By then the bottom molars are almost through. I haven't checked the top. You could lose a finger that way. At least now I know why she kept saying things hurt her mouth. And yes, I do have a big heap of Mommy guilt for not realizing she was teething. At least it explains why she hasn't been herself.

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