Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Girly Girl

I'm probably the least girly girl I know. I'm more baseball than ballet. Because of this, I always thought I wanted a boy. As we all know, I got a girl. I was welcomed into the world of pink. Pink of course being my least favorite color. I got a girl who loves pink, loves dolls, and luckily likes to play with cars.

One of her favorite things to ask on the weekends, is to go to the mall. Yes, at 3 Paige is already asking to go to the mall. The biggest attraction at the mall is the carousel. Paige likes to ride the pink horse. Go figure. After riding the pink horse, she likes to shop. First we stop at The Disney Store. After some time in there, we go for a cookie & lemonade. These must come from 2 different places. Great American Cookie does a good cookie, but they can't touch the lemonade at Chick Fil A.

After that refreshing stop it's time for more shopping. Mommy's influence was seen at The Disney Store (and Daddy's if I'm being honest). We need to get some shopping done that was influenced by Daddy. We go to Hot Topic. My pink princess little girl is head banging her way through the black t-shirts looking for pirate stuff. She spots a skull and yells she's found a pirate! She also likes to point out the Superheros and band logos that she likes. That's how I end up sending my little girl to daycare wearing an AC/DC shirt with a plaid skirt, looking like she just stepped out of an AC/DC video. They looked fabulous with her pink sparkly shoes.


Monica said...


Strange Mamma said...

Yay! Love Hot Topic. Although I have to say, now that we have Camden Markets, I'm not missing it as much. You must post a picture of your little girly punk!

Steph said...

Good for you for letting her choose her own way! My mom is not a girly girl but I was and she really didn't let me embrace it. Ah well, now I get to wear all the pink and makeup I want to. LOL
I'd love to see her rockin' the AC/DC though!