Friday, April 16, 2010

Children's Place follow up

I received a call yesterday from the regional manager.  When I called customer service, I left my name, but not my phone number, email, or address.  I wasn't calling to complain so they would send me coupons.  I wanted them to know why I was no longer shopping there.  Because I've purchased from them online I guess, they were able to get my phone number.

The manager was very nice.  She wanted to hear what happened in my own words.  I went through it all, starting with the first shopping trip on Friday.  She was amazed at what happened.  She was also rather unhappy I couldn't give names, since they never wear name tags.  Oh, they're supposed to wear name tags, but no one ever bothers to.  The manager thanked me for my call and said if people don't call they can't know exactly what's going on.  When she shows up in a store, things are immediately done correctly.  She likes to receive the feedback from an everyday shopper.  Even if the feedback isn't positive she likes it, so she can correct the problem.

I was informed that they've had issues and complaints about this store in the past.  A new manager was moved into the store about a month ago and is trying to improve it.  Nothing was said about the employee who checked me out Monday other than she has been identified, and appropriate actions are taking place with her.  The new manager is trying to hire in new employees and retrain those already on staff who want to learn the proper way of doing things.

I've worked retail, a lot, and I know it isn't easy.  That's one of the reasons I try to be polite when I'm shopping.  Other than it's just nice to be nice to people, I know they have bad days and days when customers just aren't very nice to them.  I always get off my cell phone before checking out.  I make sure I say thank you.  Little things; common things to me.  Maybe that lady was having a bad day.  But even if she was, there was no reason to take it out on me.  That quota she mentioned?  Yes, they try to get 30% of all customers to give their email address.  They do that so they can email you coupons tailored to your shopping interests.  BUT, and here's the kicker, the manager I spoke with said they do not lose their jobs if they don't get that 30%.  They realize that a lot of people won't give it out.  As long as they are asking each person to give the information, then they are doing their jobs.

I was asked to give Children's Place another chance.  I'm being mailed a coupon to come back and visit. I may or may not use it.  I haven't decided yet.  I did tell her that if I do go back, it won't be for several months.  I will give the new manager time to make changes in the store before going back.  No point in going in there now and getting frustrated all over again.

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C. Beth said...

It sounds like CP handled it very well on the corporate level. I definitely hope that store can turn around and start offering some good service!!