Thursday, April 1, 2010

All about me

After reading MinneMom's blog today I realized I never shared my background.  This started as just a blog for me and a few close friends and family.  Others are now wandering in, and I really like that!  Those of you who have known me for  a while can just skip this post.

I'm from a small town called Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  It's on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and is known as a small artist community.  We moved a lot, going from California to Florida, and always back to Ocean Springs.  Most of my family lives within 4 miles of each other.  That's what happens when your Grandparents give all 8 of their kids property on the same road.

I joined the Army when I was 20 as a broadcast journalist.  It was the job I always wanted to do.  Not only did I get to do it, but I also got to travel.  I was stationed in Panama, Honduras and Germany.  I was given a medical discharge because of a knee injury.  I don't have a lot of cartilage in my left knee, and what I do have is wearing away.  Also, now my knee cap doesn't go up and down like a normal person, it goes diagonally.  I don't run anymore.

After I got out of the Army I lived in Texas and Miami before returning to the Gulf Coast.  Ronnie and I married in 2004.  We were both married before, but neither of us had kids.  Ronnie and I first met in junior high and he was my first boyfriend.  We settled down not on the Gulf Coast, but over in Alabama.  We're close enough to home to drive over on weekends.  We would like to move back there eventually, but not right now. We both enjoy the jobs we have and aren't looking to change.  Paige joined us in 2006.  She was born twenty years, almost to the day, from when Ronnie and I first met.  That's a bit crazy even to us!

You may be wondering where my blog title came from.  It started from a screen name I used on a Mommy board.  I have a love of most things science fiction.  Star Wars is my favorite movie series of all time.  My first crush was on Spock.  I could happily watch the SyFy channel for almost 24 hours a day.  I would have to turn it off when they play wrestling though.  Favorite TV show of all time?  The Twilight Zone.  Rod Serling was a genius writer who put a lot of thought and political commentary into his writings.  Paige's name is Serling Paige, after Rod and Paige from Charmed.  If we ever have another little girl her name will be Piper, also a sister from Charmed.

When Paige was a year old I decided what I wanted to be when I grow up: an accountant.  I finished my degree and all the requirements to sit for the CPA exam.  Now I have to actually sit for all 4 parts of it.  Overall I enjoy the work and the hours, when it isn't tax season.  My current favorite shows are NCIS, Dr Who and Torchwood.  I'm a constant reader.  I have to have a book to read or I feel lost.  Two of my favorite authors are Orson Scott Card and Stephen King.  I could read Ender's Game over and over.  Just pick it up and start anywhere, I'll know where I am in the book.

Oh, and my opinion on Twilight?  I enjoyed the books.  They were a nice, easy, fun read.  I read all four books in a week.  The movies?  I haven't enjoyed as much.  And for the record, vampires don't sparkle in sunlight.


C. Beth said...

This is a great "intro" post! I learned things about you I didn't know.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

I learned alot, too! :) Glad to get to know you better... hmm... maybe I should do something similar on MY blog - good idea!

Kim said...

After reading your post, I am still wondering how in the world we ended up best friends being really really different. Worst how I ended up having a mini Angie as a daughter!! Do genes get passed through borrowed lipstick, clothing, or tears? Love ya!