Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Tree House

I should probably start this by saying we are a family of readers.  Think about it, we named our daughter Paige.  And that's not just because of Paige on Charmed or because Ronnie insisted we have a P name for her middle name.  (Her monogram is STP, you know, like the band.)  Thanks to this blog by Jonah Lisa we have discovered The Magic Tree House books.  Her son, Huck, is the same age as Paige and I decided if he can sit through several chapters a night, we would try it too.

At first I tried to get these from the library, but then realized that was too slow.  They didn't have them in order, or would have to get them from another branch.  We're going through them at a rate of 1 book every 3 days and the library just couldn't keep up with her.  I've taken to buying them in sets of 4 from Barnes and Noble.  I love their pick up service.  Find the book I want online, reserve it in the store, get a text telling me it's ready, stop by and pick it up.  No having to search for it, or have a wasted trip.  

To say Paige has become hooked is an understatement.  She absolutely loves this series.  I'm sure she doesn't understand quite all of it yet, but she will.  One of the good things about owning the series is she can go back and re read them for herself when she gets older.  The series is based on a brother and sister, Jack and Annie, and their adventures in a magical tree house Annie finds in the woods.  We usually read 3 chapters a night for 2 nights, then finish the last 4 chapters on the 3rd night.  Sometimes on weekends we cheat and read some during the day plus our usual chapters at night.  You know it must be good when your 4 year old brings you the book and asks you to keep reading.  

We started book 9 last night, Dolphins at Daybreak.  Paige has already pulled out book 10, Ghost Town at Sundown, and asked how many more nights until she can read that one.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading growing up (and I still do) and I feel like a lot of that is due to my mom reading to me every night. Congratulations on finding a book series that has her interested and wanting more, you are showing her how fun reading is!

C. Beth said...

That sounds so cool! I love that you've found a chapter book that will keep her attention.

stacief said...

We just started with the magic tree house series too thanks to JL. My husband is a 3rd grade teacher and amazingly has all these books at his school. Im really hoping Jack has the love to reading that I do and did as a kid. We just started book 1.