Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clothes shopping

Clothes shopping is not my favorite activity.  For a while there I hated shopping because I didn't like the way I looked.  Thanks to my weight loss program, I'm liking myself more and more these days.  I've lost a total of 34 pounds and gone from a size 16 to an 8 or 10 depending on the cut.  And those 16's were getting pretty tight.  A couple of weekends ago I tried on my one and only pair of shorts.  They fell off, which is a good thing since it meant I've lost a lot of weight.  But a bad thing because it meant I had to go shopping.

Armed with coupons and determined to try on clothes without cringing, I hit Penney's.   I found shorts.   I found three pair of shorts.  Yep, three pairs.  And in much smaller sizes too.  That made it even better.  And the fact that I had coupons and they were on sale was even better.

Having successfully tried on shorts the other day, I got very brave tonight.  It was time to try on bathing suits.  I dug to the back of the bottom dresser drawer to find suits I haven't worn in a couple of years.  The suits from 2 years ago fit pretty well.  The biggest surprise, the best surprise, was the suit I had four years ago fits even better now than it did then!  While I may not be the cutest, thinnest, sexiest person on the beach this summer, I'll be very comfortable in my suit out there for the first time in years!


C. Beth said...

Oh my goodness, Angie, you're doing awesome! Good for you! I hope you feel amazing in that bathing suit.

Special K said...

Awesome! What weight loss program have you been following?

Angie said...

Kristen- I follow the Walton & Johnson diet plan- Eat less, move around more. I've been doing more and more of the Wii Active, walks, bike riding, and watching what I eat. It's definitely paying off!