Sunday, June 6, 2010

Now that the recital is over...

The recital was good last night.  Paige did an amazingly cute job, of course.  I'll download the video from the camera tonight and post it soon.  We left at intermission.  Maybe not the best show of good sportsmanship, but something we had to do.  Now that the recital is over, I'm free to tell the rest of the story.

I blogged that Ronnie wrote a letter to the teacher explaining why we would no longer be using her services after the recital.  I spoke with her later that evening, as I've also blogged.  I did readily admit on here to being slightly sarcastic while on the phone with her.  I kept getting an attitude from her when I asked for things such as an address to her studio.  Well, after that conversation she changed the Wednesday practice to Tuesday, and didn't bother to tell us.  Paige missed it.  Also, on Tuesday we got a letter from her in rebuttal to Ronnie's letter.

Now, we've had Ronnie's letter read by unbiased third parties, such as the daycare director, my boss, and a teacher at the daycare.  They all agree that his letter was very professional and to the point.  No finger pointing, just we aren't using you anymore and here's why.  While I agree her rebuttal had some valid points, the entire tone of the letter was unacceptable.  I asked back in April about recital fees and ticket prices and was told there were none.  The recital information sheet said fees were due and tickets were $8 a piece.  Ronnie listed this as proof of miscommunication and changing requirements in his letter.  The rebuttal letter said we were ignorant to think there were no fees.  She really did say we were ignorant.  Several times in her rebuttal letter we were told we were the minority and basically to deal with it.

The first two pages of her letter upset me.  The third page of the letter sent me over the top.  The final paragraph told us that recital is a privilege, not a right.  That she was considering telling Paige "not to bother showing up" as she put it.  She then went on to say that security would be present and that she "would not hesitate" to kick us out.  That we were to be on our best behavior or we would be taken out of the building.  She also said we "are obviously extremely negative people who enjoy spreading negativity around."  At that point I was very negative in my feelings and had the recital been then I would have to be escorted out because I didn't have very nice things to say.

I don't think of us as negative people.  Ronnie is probably one of the easiest going, laid back people you will ever meet.  He calmed me down from reading the letter and things went well last night.  We will be going to the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce to file complaints.  Not that we expect anything from her.  We just want to warn other people about her attitude.


Amy said...

I am proud to call both of you my friends! And Thank You for being "positive" role models for your daughter and other people's kids as well. You don't need me to tell you that you did the right thing. You already know it! But way to go, Angie & Ronnie! :o)

C. Beth said...

I'm glad her recital went well. What a nightmare!

Three-page letter?! Wow.