Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Movie Time

Going to the movies has become very expensive.  Just a matinee for 2 and popcorn will cost close to $25.  Adding in a child and 3D glasses makes it closer to $40.  (We sneak in our own drinks, but SHH! don't say anything.)  Ronnie and I sat down last month and decided what movies were coming out that we wanted to see.  We have a small-ish list:

Iron Man 2
Eclipse (I'll see it with girlfriends and not make Ronnie sit through it)
Toy Story 3-D
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1

Harry Potter isn't coming out until November, but it's still a movie we want to see this year.  I haven't enjoyed the Twilight movies a lot, but I have really enjoyed the books.  Eclipse is my favorite, so I'm hoping the movie is really good.  The only one Paige will go see with us is Toy Story. Now that we have seen Iron Man 2, we have no objection to Paige seeing it.  She likes the first Iron Man and actually asks to watch it.  Hey, my kid has a thing for super heros.  What can I say?

Popcorn is just as expensive as a ticket almost.  Carmike cinemas has offered up a popcorn bucket.  For less than the cost of 2 large popcorns, you can buy a large plastic reusable bucket.  Refills are $2.50 each until December 31st.  We did go ahead and invest in the bucket thinking it will save us money in the long run.  We're also getting our moneys worth by loaning it out to friends when they go to the movies. It's nice to help each other out.  And there's no rules that say we are the only ones who can use it.


Bri said...

I already got my tickets for Eclipse! Cannot wait to go! I wait to read the books until I have seen the movies though so I don't "ruin" the movies. We are also going to see Toy Story 3... got a few free tickets, so makes it a bit cheaper. Sneaking in drinks and candy is the only way to get away without spending an arm and a leg.

C. Beth said...

The reusable bucket is a great idea!

Chickie is totally excited about Toy Story.