Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3

**There will be NO spoilers here!**

I must start this with a disclaimer:  I love Disney.  I'm a huge Disney fan.  Disney can do little to nothing wrong.  Mickey was probably one of my first words.  I've lost track of the number of times I've been to Disney World and Disneyland.

That being said, Disney sequels usually suck.  The Little Mermaid was great.  The others they've made?  Not so much.  Most of the time I feel they make a sequel just to make a sequel and try to get more money.  Not that they need it.  It was 4 years between Toy Story 1 and 2. I thought both movies were fantastic. I was waiting and waiting for a third.  And we finally got it.  I've waited 11 years for the next movie.  I was not disappointed.

Toy Story 3 was high on our list of must see movies this summer.  Honestly, we don't see many in the theatre; it's just too expensive.  For us to go to the theatre, it must be a really fantastic movie to us.  I wondered about a friend when she told me she cried at the end.  Another told me the same thing, but seeing that she's 23 weeks pregnant with twins, I chalked it up to hormones.  As we close to the end, I started to tear up.  As the movie was ending, I was wiping my eyes.  I tried to wipe them quietly so no one would notice.  I glance over at Ronnie, and he's wiping his eyes as well.

At just under 2 hours it was a challenge for Paige to sit through.  There at the end she got a bit restless.  Luckily a children's movie is an OK place for her to be a bit restless; she wasn't the only one.  There were a few kids moving around.  Having her keep on her 3D glasses through the entire movie was an even bigger challenge, one that we didn't succeed in.  Paige had her glasses on and off throughout the movie.  And in case you don't have kids, it's OK, you can still go.  There were lots of adults there without kids.  The ones, like us, who had waited as long as they could to see it.  They were going to see it in the theatre and not wait another day to do it.

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C. Beth said...

I keep hearing that I'll cry! (So I probably will!)

We're planning to go see it as a family, but the 2D version.

I kept meaning to tell you, the books came in Friday!! Thank you!! I've just barely started Ender's Shadow.