Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pink hair

Maybe tax season makes me so stressed I want to do something different.  Maybe I'm just a weird person.  Either way, I went for a haircut Saturday afternoon.  I had to leave work to do it.  Aunt Wii started by trimming up my hair.  I'm growing my hair out from a pixie, and that requires regular cuts.  If you don't, you start looking like you're trying to grow the best mullet in town.  

Once the dreaded mullet was gone, it was time for some fun.  Pink highlights seemed like they would be fun. Something different at least. Now, I do still have to go work everyday.  Showing up with pink hair may be fine if you work for Hot Topic (LOVE that store) or your a hairdresser.  Showing up with pink hair in an accounting firm?  That may not be the best idea.  We went with something a bit more subtle.  Aunt Wii put the highlights below the top layer of hair.  This way I can brush the hair over it, or pull it back to show off the pink.

It's not permanent.  The color will wash out in a few weeks.  By the time it does I'll probably be ready to try the green.  It's sitting on Aunt Wii's shelf ready to go.  The question now is how it will go over at work.  I told my supervisor I was thinking of doing it and she asked if I was crazy.  Of course I answered yes, I mean come on, I'm an accountant, of course I'm crazy.  The next thing she said was that it would be cool.  Wonder what the big boss will say.  For that matter, I wonder if Ronnie will like it. He's in New Orleans and hasn't seen it.  I'm not even sure I told him I was doing it.

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C. Beth said...

I like it! I know what you mean about the growing-out-pixie-mullet. So glad to get past that phase.