Sunday, February 28, 2010

Play More Video Games

We told Paige this morning she needs to play more video games.  Most of you are probably looking at the screen thinking I'm nuts.  I probably am, but that's another post entirely.  We had some friends over yesterday and their kids have never played Wii.  We've had ours for so long that we think of it as just another gadget sitting next to the TV.  Don't get me wrong, we play it, but it's not some special let's get it out and play.  For these kids it was.  It reminded me that we've gotten to the point where we play it mostly after Paige has gone to bed.  We get into our usual after work routine and just forget it's there to play with.  After Paige is in bed and we're relaxing on the couch we'll get out the guitars and play Beatles Rockband, or I'll do my Active, or we'll play another game.  All of it after she's in bed.

Watching how much fun she had playing last night, we realized she's not playing video games nearly enough.  If we want to raise a proper Geeky Gaming Daughter, we need to get her playing more now.  She's young enough that we can make a definite impression on her that will last a lifetime.  We enjoy video games in this house.  Ronnie and I came home from school every afternoon as kids and played our Atari systems.  I went the Nintendo route, where he went the Playstation route.  Now we've agreed on Wii and are sticking with it. We're trying to reach that good balance of playing outside, inside with toys, and time sitting in front of the TV holding a game controller.  This morning we made her play more Mario Kart.  And she liked it.  That's my girl.


C. Beth said...

I need to have Chickie try the Wii. She hasn't played it; when we first got it, I don't think her motor skills were ready. Now she might be able to bowl or something!

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