Monday, February 18, 2008

My husband is so great!

I've been so sick! I came home from work early Saturday (gotta love tax season) and went straight to bed. My temperature got up to 101.5 before it started to break. I've hacked up both of my lungs and one I borrowed from the cat for good measure. I've had green stuff coming out of my nose. I've wiped my nose so much it's raw. I've been dizzy, nauseous, my head is stopped up.

While I spent the weekend in bed, Ronnie took care of Paige. He worked 6:30am to 9pm Wednesday, 6:30 am to 1am Thursday, then 6:30am to 5:30pm Friday. He was exhausted. He didn't complain though. They spent hours at the park. They drove the battery dead in her Dora Jeep. Did you know the pet store is the best place in the world? Yep. You can see fish, and pet kitties, bunnies, guinea pigs, gerbils and rats. Oh, and they have birds. We didn't like the dogs. He fixed breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juice and milk. He did laundry and changed poopy diapers. He watched Sprout and colored. Did I mention they spent hours at the park?

I tried to go to work today. That lasted about 3 hours. Now I'm at home, relaxing, about to take another nap. Paige is at daycare. Ronnie is at work again. He so deserves something nice when I can breath through my nose again!

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