Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

I picked Paige up from daycare today expecting the usual comments that she had been good. Boy was I mistaken. Let's see, she called a boy "Ugly poo poo head" while running around the lobby ignoring the director. She was supposed to be in line for the water fountain. When Ann told her repeatedly to stop & she didn't, Ann pulled out the big guns: "I'm going to tell your Mother." Paige just looked at her and said "So." That had me seething.

After hearing about that little incident, I walked back to her room. Jessi, her teacher, spotted me through the window & came out. Nothing unusual there since we're friends. Paige had just run across the room and tried to bite another little girl. No reason. And Paige isn't usually a biter. When I asked her if she did that she just grinned and nodded her head.

By then I was was beyond mad. I told Paige she would be punished when we got home. First though, no snack. I always bring her a snack: a juice & a treat. Today was a good day too. I stopped and got her lemonade (her current favorite drink) and gummy bears. Both of us love gummy bears. I called Ronnie on my way home to discuss punishment options. I was so upset at the time that I didn't want to make a rash decision I would regret later. See, I'm one of those moms that when I say it, I do it. There are no idle threats from me that you hear so often.

Ronnie brought home a big box from work. We sat Paige down & talked to her. Then she got a spanking. (I know, some of you may not approve.) We asked if she knew why she was getting the spanking and she said yes. After the spanking she sat in time out until she finished crying and we got the box ready. I picked Paige's 4 favorite toys and sat them on the table. Ronnie had her help box them up. They put the box in the shed. Paige can have them back when she can be nice. Ronnie told her if she can't be nice she can't play with nice toys. Tomorrow, if she's not nice at daycare again, we pack up 4 more toys. Oh, and she can't watch any TV tonight.

I'll ask Jessi and Ann tomorrow if she's been nice. If not, we get a repeat of today. I don't expect a 3 year old to be perfect, but I do expect her to be nice to people, and to respect adults. I know the kids she was mean to today, and they're good kids. In fact, Paige usually plays well with them. I'm hoping our attitude adjustment works.


C. Beth said...

Wow, you're such a mean mom!! ;)

I bet her attitude is better today. Good job.

Special K said...

Hope it worked and today is better! I was watching a parenting episode on Dr. Phil before and his catch phrase was "find their currency" (in your case, toys and treats) and make them earn it back. And the other one was "Stop their world." Basically what you did, everythign stops and life will be fun again when she can handle things better.