Monday, July 13, 2009

It's getting closer

The next Harry Potter movie. It's almost here. The next movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out tomorrow night at midnight. If it weren't a work night I would be there. As the title of my blog lets you know, I'm most definitely a science fiction freak. That expands out to the world of fantasy as well. In some cases I'm not really sure where to draw the line. Anyway, I'm a Harry Potter fan. A huge Harry Potter fan.

I started reading the books just as book 3 came out. I was living in Miami at the time. There was a midnight book release for it, and I went. My (now ex) husband thought I was weird. I then stayed up all weekend reading it. He really thought I was odd then. I finished it before the end of the weekend. I went to every midnight release afterwards. I barely slept the weekend book 7 came out. Just barely. I had to go to work that next Monday and I hadn't finished the book. I tried to call out Harry Potter so I could finish reading it. My boss asked how close I was to the end, about 2 chapters. He told me to bring the book & come in anyway. In my defense, I stayed up all weekend each time a new book came out. Maybe that's not a defense. Maybe that does just prove that I'm a bit odd.

I know some people have issues with the books. There are people who don't approve of magic, so they don't care for the books. No matter what you think of magic, JK Rowling is getting kids to read. And not just a little here and there. Kids are reading 800 plus page books. That counts for a lot with me.

I can't make the midnight premier of Half Blood Prince, but we do want to go see it this weekend. With the price of movies we're pretty picky on what we want to see at the theater. Most times we see a preview we like and save the movie to our Netflix que for when it's released on DVD. This may be the only summer movie we see this summer. But it will sooo be worth it. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, book 7 will be turned into 2 movies. The producers screwed up so much of the story line between the books & movies that she wouldn't let them make 7 unless they did 2 movies and fixed their mistakes. There are many story lines to be tied up properly. Ms Rowling's point of view being those who only see the movies should get closure to all her story lines. If you're just starting to read them, you're in for a treat. Reading the books start to finish really makes them amazing. You see how she had a complete plan from page 1 of book 1. They flow very well. And if you've only seen the movies, not read the book, let me tell you a secret: The book is always better.

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