Saturday, July 18, 2009

Class is over

Almost. We had our final regular class this past Thursday. My large project was due then, so the brunt of my homework time is done. Now no class for me until this coming Thursday when I have my final. This class has consumed all of my time, but I must say, it's been enjoyable. I didn't think I would say that about Accounting for Government & Not for Profit Organizations. Odd, I know.

I will be taking a short break from studying. In a few months I'll start preparing for the CPA exam. That will once again take all of my time and energy. For now, I would like to have a life. There are things I would like to do. Maybe go to the science museum with Paige. It's really cool with a special section just for pre-schoolers that's super amazing. There are books I would like to read. I'm on a real Orson Scott Card kick right now. I could go see my parents. My aunt has some new cool shopping bags for me. I just have to go pick them up from her. She lives across the street from my parents. Sounds like a 45 minute car trip I need to take.

Other things are coming up too that I would like to see or do. Torchwood, one of my favorite shows, is doing a mini series on BBC America next week. I know, really thrilling. But it's been a while since our last Torchwood, and it will be a while before we get anymore. The BBC is holding out on me. Eureka just had a new half season start. Other than that, my TV viewing is down to a minimum. I should probably do a deep cleaning of the house. It needs it. Ronnie & I have both been rather busy lately. Oh, the house is clean. The kitchen is clean, I vacuumed, I even mopped today. That layer of dust? It's just a protective layer over all my stuff. It was either get rid of it or read Paige another book. We read.

Now that class is almost over, I'll be back to more regular posts again. Expect more of the boring, after all I am an accountant. And the mundane, I spent my day doing housework and grocery shopping. And the funny. I've got some great blog ideas out there just waiting to be blogged. Wait until you see the collection of stuff I've gotten from Paige's pockets.

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