Friday, January 22, 2010

Facebook- It's like virtual high school

Like a lot of people I'm a member of Facebook.  I've spent quite a few hours there over the past several years.   If you look me up you'll find out all sorts of private information: my full real name, where I live, where I work, my hubby's full real name, and Paige's.  I also post a lot more photos there than here.  Because there's so much personal information about me I'm very picky on who I'm friends with.  I'm only friends with people I know, whether that's in real life or the great internet friends I've made over the years.  I'm not really friends with family members, because I don't want to have to censor what I say.  If I'm upset with a family member and post it, I don't want the rest of the family to hear about it and get involved.

On Wednesday evening I had a friend request from someone I'll call Vanessa.  I didn't recognize her, and clicked on the option to show our mutual friends.  Hmmmm, several mutual friends, all people from high school.  Oh, she must have only listed her married name, new to Facebook so no photo yet, I'm sure I'll figure out who she is, so I accept her request.  So does Ronnie.  Several of us posted asking for a picture, her maiden name, year she graduated, what she participated in, something to job our memories.  Quite a few of us have no idea who Vanessa really is.  She sends me a page request for me to become a friend of a business Facebook page.  I click ignore since it's something I'm really not interested in.  Thursday afternoon I get home and she's sent me the same page request again.  That annoys me.  I've already gotten it and indicated I'm not interested, leave me alone.  I decide to visit her page, and that's when I start to wonder.

Overnight Vanessa has gone from 20 friends to almost 250.  Wow, I don't even have that many after several years.  Like I said, I'm picky.  There are numerous posts asking who is she or for a picture.  Ronnie and I got out our annuals.  Can't find her.  Can't find her for the year she graduated, for the 4 years before that, or the year we graduated.  (One year after she claims to have attended the school.)  I think something is wrong and de-friend her.  Ronnie posts one more time explaining we can't find her in the annuals, and asking again to make sure we had her maiden name correct.  She immediately deleted his post.  He posted again.  Once again she immediately deleted.  He then posted the same thing on his status.  She de-friended him, then blocked him from seeing her.  That sends up big huge red warning flags for both of us.  I posted it on my profile since I had already dropped her.  Turns out no one from school remembered her.  Not one person.  Then we find out she has created another profile, saying she went to our rival high school, graduating 2 years later than she claimed on this profile, and was friending that schools alumni.  The person who told me about the second profile has been a friend since junior high, yes I believe her.  She's trying to find out from her friends who went to that school if anyone remembers Vanessa.

Facebook may not seem like a big deal to some and ask why not just accept her friend request.  There's way too much personal information that tells you exactly who I am and where I am.  My profile is private, only friends can see it.  It links you directly to my daughter's facebook page.  You know, my 4 year old.  It even says what daycare she attends.  I'm sorry if that sounds paranoid, but too many people have their identity stolen, or their child.  Yes, I'm sure she wasn't after my child.  But you never know what it is she wants, or who she really is.

Oh, and this morning she had posted how mean my husband was to her.  Really?  It's mean to ask you how we know you?  I'll have to remember that.  So, if I haven't seen you for almost 20 years and you see me on the street, don't be shocked if I don't ask who you are.  That would just be rude.  According to Vanessa's message it would be best if I just ignored you.  Some people never grow up.

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