Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mommy Day Is Good

I'm laying here on the couch with my MacBook on my lap, kitten asleep on my legs, in my jammies with NCIS going on the DVD.  Uncle Little Erie loaned me seasons 1 through 6 of NCIS.  I'm mostly through Season 1 since I've seen most of them already.  I did manage to organize the fridge yesterday.  That means I do still have to clean off my dresser and do a few other pieces of housework.  Maybe when I finish this disc of NCIS.  Paige and Ronnie left almost 3 hours ago.  Adding in time to stop off and pick up Ronnie's Mom, they should be making it to New Orleans soon.  My lunch plans are very simple: whatever junk food I can still find in the fridge.  Not sure what that will be yet.  

Being gone for a week has left me with stuff that really must be done.  I've unpacked but not everything has been put away and I still can't find my medicine.  I know it's here somewhere.  My arthritis demands that I put everything away until I can find that medicine though.  Especially with all the rain.  I know I didn't leave it at Moms; she would have called.  

I really am enjoying the peace and quiet. I didn't go because I'm not up for a birthday party just yet.  But also I need time to de-stress and relax a bit.  This past week was hard emotionally, I need this time to myself to sort through things and get ready for the week ahead.  Luckily Ronnie's side of the family understands that I need this time.  Next weekend we do have Paige's party at Moms house.  She wouldn't hear of canceling it or moving it somewhere else.  It's always been planned to be a small family party.  She has requested a Belle cake from Beauty & the Beast.  That much has been planned for: I have a Belle playset that will be placed on a cake made to look like an open book.  After all, Belle is her favorite Princess because she likes to read just like Paige does.  I need to put together goody bags for the kids and organize some activities.  I do think I'll be forgiven if the party isn't up to my usual standards.  Normally I get things ready for a few weeks or a month leading up to a party, this time I just didn't do it.

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