Monday, January 4, 2010

Paige the Party Animal

We spent the weekend in party overload.  OK, so we didn't have that many parties, but it seemed like it.  Thursday night was very quiet.  Paige went to bed at 8 as usual.  I rang in 2010 by finishing the new Orson Scott Card novel, Hidden Empire.  Ronnie was already asleep since he had to be at work very early the next day.

Friday we attended a ceremony at the Mason Lodge in Ocean Springs.  My Uncle Ralph was the outgoing Master.  A family friend, and more like family than friend, Mr. Jerry, was the incoming master.  We were unable to attend the ceremony for Uncle Ralph last year, so we definitely made it for this one.  The dinner started off pretty good with steak, black eyed peas, coleslaw, sweet tea, and cake.  Paige was worried there wouldn't be cake.  The ceremony itself was nice.  It was interesting to see how the induction is done.  Granny was recognized for all of the things she does for the Masons through the year.  I would post a picture from the ceremony, but I'm not sure how the Masons would feel about it, so I'll refrain.  This is the one event that is open to family, but I don't want to overstep by posting pictures I shouldn't.

Saturday we went to Robbie's 3rd birthday party.  I didn't know that Chick-Fil-A was doing birthday parties, but this one did.  It was nice.  The kids had a blast playing in the indoor play area.  The service was very attentive.  Best of all? As the party was packing up, I spotted a friend I haven't seen since I graduated from high school, in 1991.  Kyla hasn't changed much.  I would have recognized her even without the updated pictures I've seen on Facebook.

Sunday was the much anticipated Bob the Builder birthday party.  Paige's birthday isn't until the 23rd.  But, the last day of the Bob exhibit was yesterday.  We booked the party for the last one of the exhibit.  Paige had fun playing with her friends in the Bob exhibit.  Especially with Jude, who had been on vacation for a week.

The first half of the party, in the exhibit, was good.  The second half left something to be desired.  I voiced my displeasure today with the Exploreum staff, and it was taken care of.  I'm happy with the outcome.  The best part of the time in the party room was Bob himself.  Now, Bob has been regularly visiting the exhibit.  But up there, you must share him with all the kids.  When Bob visits your birthday, it's just you, your friends and Bob.

Yes, my pink little girl had a Bob the Builder birthday party.  Go figure.  It's what she asked for.  Now, for parties 2 and 3.  There's a party for the January "babies" in New Orleans with Ronnie's family.  I use the word baby very loosely, as the 2 other January birthdays are Ronnie's older sister and grandmother.  Then, on her birthday, we'll have a small family party at my parents house.  

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C. Beth said...

There's this great Sandra Boynton song on the album "Dog Train" where the little girl is trying to get her parents to take her home from a boring "adult party" and she sings, "How can it be a party if there isn't a cake?" Glad Paige got cake. :) (Now I'm craving cake...)