Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mommy Day

Tomorrow Ronnie and Paige are going to New Orleans.  His sister Connie is holding a birthday party for those born in January: Connie, Paige & Maw Maw, their grandmother.  They have to leave early to get there, so by 8:30 they'll be on the road.  That means I have a day to myself.  I just don't feel up to a party right now.  I have all sorts of fun things planned: cleaning off my dresser (again), organizing the fridge, watching Away We Go and having an NCIS marathon.  Laundry is almost done, and I can get the rest of the housework done tonight.  If I can get to the fridge and my dresser tonight I will.  The least amount of housework I have to do tomorrow, the better.  And if I don't reorganize I'm OK with that too.

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