Monday, March 1, 2010


Paige is having her first ever grounding as I type this.  I picked her up today to be informed she had hit people and throwing toys.  Either one is not acceptable around here.  I sat her down and talked to her so she knew why we're disappointed in her.  Then I explained why she can't do that, and why she would be spending the evening in her bedroom.

I'm not sure what got into her.  We had a good weekend and for the most part she was good.  There were some sharing issues Saturday, but after she got past that things were good the rest of the weekend.  She made cupcakes with Daddy, played with Grammy, picked out books at the library with Mommy. Life was good.  Don't know why the sudden change in behavior, but hopefully we can get her back on track by tomorrow.

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C. Beth said...

I'm glad I read this. There are times when it seems like we should break the "one minute of time out for every year of age" rule, when Chickie is just being extra-belligerent. I like the idea of grounding, and I think they are old enough to understand it. It's different than time-out; it's more memorable. I may have to ground Chickie next time she really is over the top. Thanks! (And I hope Paige is back to "normal" soon!)