Friday, March 5, 2010

Horrible Parents

We are such horrible, horrible parents.  Someone should probably call child services on us.  We sent Paige to bed at 6:30 tonight.  We told her that would happen if she threw a temper tantrum.  We had this conversation at the dinner table.  Then we repeated it again as I was running the water for her bath.  We were just trying to make sure she knew the rules before we got started.  Tonight was a big occasion.

You see, tonight Paige was going to wash her own hair for the first time.  Yep.  At the age of 4 we've decided to not wash her hair anymore. We've been having these little talks with her about how she's growing up.  It's time she did more things for herself.  Paige can put her own clothes on, but a lot of times she decides she doesn't want to; she wants us to do it for her. We've decided she needs to do these things for herself.  She knows how to do them, she just needs to do them more.

Paige, of course, threw a complete temper tantrum.  She was sent to bed early, kicking and screaming the whole way.  She's now in bed and sleeping peacefully.  She wore herself out from all the screaming.  We turned down the monitor so we couldn't hear her as well.  Then, being the super awesome parents we are, we put in a movie.  Yeah, as my child screamed and cried because she had to wash her own hair, we watched Zombieland.

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C. Beth said...

I'm just glad most of my friends are horrible parents like I am!!