Tuesday, March 2, 2010

She was better

Paige was better today.  When I picked her up today I was told she was much better today.  There was no hitting today and she didn't throw one today.  I was informed she needs to work on her listening skills; something I already knew from personal experience.

I had never heard the one minute of time out for one year of age rule.  We have tried time outs, spankings, taking away toys, everything.  This was her first ever grounding.  Granted, she spent the majority of the night playing with the toys in her room. But, she wasn't here with us watching TV and playing.  Paige likes to be in the center of the action.  Keeping her out of that and forcing her to be alone in her room was hard on her.  I'm hoping it was a lesson learned.  

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C. Beth said...

Sounds like it's an experiment that worked. Nice when that happens. :)