Friday, July 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I still haven't made a decision on the blog move yet.  I really like the app.  Now to research how easy it will be to migrate over to a new place.  No, tonight's decision is what to take to Antique's Road Show tomorrow.  They will be at the Biloxi, MS coliseum taping for early next year air date.

My family still lives along the Gulf Coast, and my Mom has always wanted to go on the show.  A friend from high school posted months and months ago that it was coming to the Coast and how to apply for tickets.  I think I applied for tickets in January or February, and winners were chosen in March.  The show uses a lottery system.  You apply for the event you would like to attend, and if your email address is chosen, you receive 2 free tickets.  Mom and I were lucky enough to get tickets.

Our ticket time is 2 pm, and we can arrive up to thirty minutes early.  We plan on arriving around 1:30 or so.  We can each bring 2 items with us.  Mom is bringing 2 violins that have been in my Dad's family for ever, or so it seems.  We've also picked a pair of pocket watches that were wedding gifts to my Dad's parents.  That leaves one more item we can take.

We had decided to take a set of dishes.  Ronnie's grandmother has been saving this set of dishes for him.  Every time she goes to give them to him, she changes her mind.  They are fragile and something could happen to them.  We've heard different stories about these dishes.  Our favorite is that Maw Maw's aunt brought them over on the boat from Sicily, and that she had hand painted them.  Sorry, Google search reveals they were made in Japan and sold in mass production.  Turns out the dishes were wedding china for Maw Maw's sister.  We think they were bought at Sears.  Either way, the dishes are still, well, ugly.  We've decided not to take them tomorrow, but as a consolation prize we will bring them out and use the ugly dishes for Thanksgiving.  It's never a traditional meal in our house so maybe they'll be fortunate enough to be used for a taco dinner or maybe chicken wings.  The menu is still undecided.

I called Mom and told her what we decided. Now she's trying to figure out what else she would like to take.  There's a couple of other contenders:  a music box my Dad bought in Japan in 1951 while he was there in the Navy as part of McArthur's honor guard.  Or there's my Great Grandmother's ugly vase.  When she passed away no one in the family wanted it, they all said it was too ugly.  My Mom took it and found out it's a Hull vase, whatever that means, and is a collectors item.   Mom gets to narrow it down and we'll make a final decision tomorrow.  I don't think my 3rd grade baton twirling uniform, or Ronnie's dog head bong he made in high school would be interesting to take.


C. Beth said...

I don't watch that often, but when I do, I LOVE Antiques Road Show! I'm so excited for you--can't wait to hear how it goes!!

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