Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I've been off my Wii Active for several months now.  Of course, I'm starting to feel like a fat slob again, right at bathing suit season.  Last night was my first night back on a 30 day challenge.  My thighs are so sore today!  They've hurt all day.  Moving in certain directions isn't fun at all.

On the plus side, my knee seems to be holding up so far.  Only one day, but at least it held up.  The arthritis in my left knee has been very bad lately.  I've upped my arthritis medicine, added two more, and been given pain killers and a muscle relaxer to help with it.  For me the fact that I exercised last night, and my knee isn't swollen to twice it's size and not bending in a normal manner is a big plus.  Let's see if this can keep up!


C. Beth said...

That game really does give a great workout!! I did it for awhile and definitely got sore. I'm really glad your knee is holding up--yay!!

Strange Mamma said...

thanks for asking after me last week, I am getting better, long story, trying to get my online feet under me again so I can share what's been up with me. I look forward to catching up with the blogosphere soon.

SciFi Mama said...

So great to see you again! I've been wondering about you. I can't wait to hear everything and catch up.