Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reusable grocery bags

I've used reusable grocery bags off and on for years.  I just hate that collection of plastic bags I would get.  Now, I don't claim to be completely green around here.  I do make an effort to be more green though.  I have a stack of reusable bags that I love to use.  I also have a sleeve for plastic bags.  I use them in my bathroom trash can.  Perfect size and free is the right price.

When my sleeve of plastic bags gets low, I stop using my grocery bags and get the plastic bags until I fill it back up.  Once it's full, it's back to my own grocery bags.  One of the biggest downsides to bringing my own bags is the cashiers.  Almost none of them know how to bag groceries.  I grew up in Granny and Paw Paw's grocery store.  I can bag some groceries.  My eggs are never crushed, my bread isn't smooshed, and everything fits nicely.  Most of the time when  I tell cashiers I have my own bags they roll their eyes.  The ones that do that I won't offer to bag myself.  The ones who cheerfully say it's great, I'll offer.  I'm a bit sadistic that way.  Truth is, I prefer to bag my own.  I can get more groceries in a bag than they can and all without ruining anything.

I have a new favorite bag.  I got this from my favorite website, Think Geek.  By purchasing other items from them I had built up Geek Points.  I traded in my points for this super cool shopping bag.  It's been amazing.  It clips onto my purse strap, so I always have it with me.  Yesterday after Tae Kwon Do practice we decided to stop for groceries on the spur of the moment.  Unclip my +10 Bag of Groceries, and loaded it up.  By the time we were done it held: bag of carrots, coffee, baking powder, large bag of all purpose flour, eggs, chicken nuggets and French fries.  And there was still plenty of room to spare.  The only thing I purchased not in the bag was the gallon of milk.  It already has a handle, so no need to put it in a bag.

I will admit, since I clipped this on my purse, I've gotten lots of compliments.  Also, it's a very versatile bag.  We're getting ready to head down to Gulf Shores for the Jimmy Buffett concert.  This bag packs up so small I've got it in my flight bag.  You never know when you'll need an extra bag for the stuff you pick up at a beach concert.  This one is super small so it's very easy to take with us. That left enough room in the flight bag I'll carry for sunblock, keys, ID, and an extra sarong.


Bri said...

bagging milk and other things with handles is one of my pet peeves! I mean, really... does it need a seperate bag that is likely to rip when I try to carry it in the house? Don't think so!

C. Beth said...

Totally cute bag! Reusable bags are so common here that the cashiers now seem okay with it. I often forget mine in the car though.