Monday, July 19, 2010

Diet Time

It's not so much a diet as a complete change of lifestyle.  Ronnie has had high triglycerides for a while now.  He's changed his diet and started working out.  He's running at least three times a week.  We do try to eat healthy around here.  Most meals are made fresh, no pre packaged meals and lots of fresh veggies.  It wasn't enough.  At his last check up the triglycerides are higher than ever.  And now it's time for a complete change.

We've cut pork from our diet.  Good bye bacon, my friend, I will really, really, really miss you.  Also gone are most of the starches, red meat and sugar.  We're now on a diabetic, heart healthy diet around here.  We're going for more of a natural change instead of a medication induced change.  The medicines have too many side effects.  A change of diet and more exercise will give make all of us healthier.

And let's be honest here.  I'm not going to be following Ronnie's diet completely.  Bacon?  Bacon is still my friend.  Paige is not giving up her bacon completely either.  I still drink my 1 can of Coke a day.  There's no way I give that up.  I tried once.  By the third day a coworker put a Coke and told me to drink it before he poured it down my throat.  Mommy needs caffeine.  But I will follow it pretty closely.  Hopefully we can get a little healthier. And just maybe I can lose these last 12 pounds.


C. Beth said...

Awesome! Sounds like good changes to make. Cool to see how much Ronnie's been exercising too.

faturzufa said...

can tell more,

Kasacja15 said... ZAPRASZAM !