Thursday, November 6, 2008

Catch up

It's been a while. All I can say is I'm sorry. Life just kind of caught up with me, then ran me over like I was standing still. We had a great time Friday night. Our little Bob the Builder family was a success. I think we were cute!

The weekend was spent at the Peter Anderson Festival. My parents set up a booth each year in front of the Mason Lodge. Space for the festival is highly competitive. Luckily, Mom has an "in" with the Lodge, a couple of my uncles are members. I spent both days helping Mom in her booth, and Ronnie spent the time entertaining Paige. Sometimes by herself, sometimes with Mark & Measha's children Mia, Miku & Merick. Here's Paige with Mia & Merick.

Saturday we indulged in something that is truly unique to Ocean Springs. We had Tato-Nut donuts. These donuts are made with potato flour & put Krispy Kreme to shame with how light & fluffy they are. It's almost like biting into air they are so fluffy. I'll have a Krispy Kreme when I can't get a Tato-Nut, but it just doesn't compare. If you ever get the chance to try one, you definitely should! It was so nice to be out there for the weekend. Most of my family stopped by the booth at some point. I got to spend time visiting with family and catching up on what's going on with their lives.

Saturday night we had an amazing dinner with friends Mark & Measha. Ronnie cooked a huge buffet of food. There was no way to eat it all. While Paige played with Miku and Merick we adults indulged in some good cheese & beer. Mark & Measha had a booth set up right next to Tato-Nut! How lucky!! Mark does hand turned wood. Measha is my favorite soap distributor. She hand makes all of her soaps using only natural, organic products. If you can't make it out to her, stop by her site. The children's foaming soap is great, Paige swears by it. I love her bar soaps. I'm currently using the Carribbean Bay soap, it smells so good. And for a really nice treat, try her organic orange scrub. I do admit to never having ordered from the website. When I need a reorder, I just call. It does pay to know the owner who makes the soaps! Also, think outside the box when looking at her site. She makes these great sled style soap holders. They make a very unique business card holder.

Sunday night when we got home was a whirlwind of unloading the van & getting Paige to bed. Monday & Wednesday I had tests in advanced auditing, so that meant lots of studying. Tuesday was election day, and like most of America I was glued to the TV for results most of the night. Ronnie's already said his candidate didn't win. Well, mine didn't either. He & I actually voted the same way this time. Neither candidate agreed with me on my big issues, so I voted for the strong military that usually comes with a Republican candidate. My full support is also behind Obama. The majority have spoken & he has been elected.

And I almost forgot some exciting news! Marc & Wendy's 2nd son, Jeff is home. Ronnie called me at work Tuesday to let me know Jeff had just shown up. He's currently stationed in Texas. We weren't expecting him home so it was a great surprise. He'll be here for 2 weeks. Paige is completely taken with Jeff again. Wendy's brother Rich came in town today. He and his family live up in New Jersey. It's almost like a small family reunion. Now if only Marc & Wendy's oldest son Matthew could come home from Guam with his wife Amanda and son Xander.

I think that's a catch up of what's been going on and why I've been a bit too busy to blog lately. I promise to try to do better.


C. Beth said...

I want a Tato-Nut donut. Better than Krispy Kreme? WOW!!

Monica said...

TATO NUT~!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous. It has been 15 years since I have had one. Sigh. That picture of Ronnie holding the box is awesome.

SciFi Mama said...

You should see the pics of him eating one! And Paige's face covered in sugar from it. YUM!!