Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a weekend!

I guess it started Friday night. Ronnie was giving Paige a bath while I was in the bedroom gathering up jammies & things. I could hear them singing their ABC's. It was the cutest thing ever to hear. Paige had gorged herself on take out Chinese & was in a great mood.

Saturday was one of those wonder fall days. The temp here was in the high 70's and it was gorgeous. We rode bikes, played soccer, and spent a lot of time on the swings. Paige and I had a nice morning of Christmas shopping that ended with her getting a chocolate chip cookie at the mall & a ride on the carousel. She didn't even complain when we went grocery shopping! Just helped pick items for the week.

Today is a treat for us. Paige asked Aunt Wii if she could go to church this morning. Aunt Wii quickly picked out an outfit & told me to get her dressed. Paige has been wanting to play with her friends and her boyfriend Jude attends Aunt Wii's church. I think this is her main reason for going. I've been wrapping gifts, picking up the house here and there. Ronnie is brewing beer at the moment.

This has been such a nice, relaxing weekend. It's the kind of weekend I wish we could have more of. It's been lazy breakfasts of bacon & biscuits, Saturday morning cartoons, and just plain having fun. I hope everyone one else has had a weekend exactly like ours.


C. Beth said...

Ours has been very tiring.... I wish it had been that nice. :) I guess ours has been good, very good, just not relaxing. We're all lounging or napping now though. Glad yours was so great!

Heather said...

That sounds so wonderful. I can't wait to share days like that with my son. I know by then I will look back on this age with fondness, but I really am looking forward to more interaction and watching him discover the world and all that fun stuff.