Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm not some Super Mean Mommy that makes her 3 year old do a lot of chores. But, I do like for Paige to help out. And most of the time, she's willing to help us. Her chores aren't hard, but they are something she has to help with.

1. Feeding the cats. We keep the cat food in a cheapie plastic storage bin under the shelf where the bowls are. Paige pulls it out, takes of the lid, scoops a coffee cup full into the bowl and closes the container. When it's full she can't push it back onto the shelf, but she will ask for help. Mommy still gives the cats water since that's very messy.

2. Putting away her shoes. My shoe fiend child would leave shoes all over the house. Where they came off is where they stayed. Not anymore. One of her jobs is to put away her shoes when she takes them off.

3. Pick up her own toys. This is where we have issues. Today I got Paige early from daycare (I get off work 2 hours early on Friday.) When I picked her up I told her she had to pick up her toys. My living room was covered in them. What should have taken 5 to 10 minutes took an hour and a half. There was a timeout involved. She does not want to pick up her own toys. She says it's "too hard" or they are "too heavy." Funny. They weren't too heavy when she was playing with them. Maybe Fisher Price should look into lighter toys.

That's it. Three chores for a three year old. Maybe when she turns four in January I'll add something to the list. For now, we're doing good with the chores she has. And SHHHH! She doesn't know the word allowance yet.

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Amy said...

Angie, your secret's safe with me... But she will learn soon enough about "allowance" and I can't make any promises after that... LOL! Hope y'all have a good weekend! :o)