Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm not much of a procrastinator. I'm more of a "let's do it and get it over with" kinda girl. I don't know what's gotten into me lately. There's only the typical issues going on in my life, nothing out of the ordinary. Paige has been saying and doing lots of funny things, but I still put off blogging.

Saturday we were killing time at the mall while Ronnie's car was getting an oil change at the Honda dealership next door. We did our usual rounds of the stores we like to look in. As usual Paige wanted a lemonade from Chick-Fil-A. After all, they do make the best lemonade ever, but I digress. We left The Disney Store and I walked down the mall to get the lemonade. I met back up with Ronnie and Paige, with Paige looking proud of herself. Mommy got a new ring. Ronnie saw a ring being advertised on a sign outside of Kay Jewelers, and thought I would like it. He and Paige picked it out for me.

It's very pretty, and yes it does look like something I would wear. Ronnie said he got it because he doesn't buy me enough pretty things. He likes to buy me pretty things. I do like pretty things, but I'm also very much a gadget girl. A new iPhone or flat screen monitor are very exciting to me as well.

When Aunt Wii said something about the ring, Paige put her hands on her hips, cocked out a leg to twirl on and said "I picked it out. All by myself. Because I know how to pick out rings." OK then, all credit to Paige. Daddy just saw the sign, asked about the ring and paid for it. And in case you're wondering, there was no occasion. My birthday is in April, and our anniversary is in June.


Amy said...

It IS a beautiful ring, Angie. What day in June is your anniversary? Mine and Robert's is June 25th. :o)

C. Beth said...

It really is so pretty, and yes, it does look like you! Kudos to your awesome hubby & daughter.

SciFi Mama said...

Amy- Our anniversary is the 13th. We wanted to be able to celebrate anniversaries on Friday the 13th!