Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mama is tired!

Tonight was the night. The night I had to work at the consignment sale. In order to shop early, you must volunteer to work. It's how you "pay" for your early shopping privilege. I worked my regular work schedule at the office, leaving 15 minutes early in order to make it to the sale on time. I got to the consignment sale at 5, and my shift ended at 9.

This time I worked at the front door. Just like leaving Sams, you must show your receipt to leave. And I ask about large ticket items, things like cribs, strollers, high chairs, large bulky items you can't really carry around with you. If you have none, out you go. If you have large items, I have someone pull the item for you while you move your vehicle up to the door. The very nice men outside then load it for you.

Tonight's shoppers were for charity. Each person paid $5 to enter, 100% of that money went to the charity of their choice. They could pick from the list we had. Then, upon checkout they were once again asked who they were shopping for, 10% of their total sale goes to that charity. The second half of the night is set aside for first time parents and grandparents. We sell lots of larger items during this sale. Lots of people buying high chairs, swings, cribs, everything.

My 4 hour shift was over before I knew it. Now I'm sitting home with my feet on the coffee table. My feet and back hurt from standing for the past 4 hours, but I'll survive. I'll just wear comfy shoes tomorrow to work.

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