Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paige's Stairs

The thing that sold me on Paige's big girl bed is the stairs instead of a ladder to get to the loft. I just think that's the neatest part of it. And to make it better, each stair has a little drawer that you can pull out and store special treasures in. When Ronnie put it together, he left the drawers empty so Paige could fill them with what she wants.

Yesterday, she used them for the first time. There are 5 drawers. She decided last night that they are now beds for her animals. Nemo got the top drawer, pink puppy got the second, and Lenny from Wonder Pets went into the bottom drawer. The other 2 remained empty. This morning she got Nemo out and brought him with her. The others are taking very long naps in their little drawer beds.

I know this is just the first of many things that she will put in there. And really, finding a pink puppy stuffed into a drawer is probably the most normal thing I'll find as she gets older. One day I'll look back and think it wasn't so morbid to stuff your pink puppy into a drawer that reminds me of a vampire going to sleep in a coffin. I'll wish for those days as I find more and more interesting items in there I'm sure.

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C. Beth said...

I love that! So cool that you're letting her fill them instead of just using them for "practical" purposes.