Friday, September 26, 2008


We all have one. That friend we've had forever. The one that will always be your friend no matter what. They know wayyyyy to much about you to ever let them get mad. Mine is Kim. She's been my best friend for probably close to 25 years now. Man. We're getting old. Anyway, Kim has known me forever and still loves me anyway. I've actually known her longer than Ronnie.

In junior high and high school we were inseparable. I'm an only child and she's the youngest of 4 girls. But, it's like we were meant to be sisters. We went to our first year of college together and realized we just can't live together. After that year I moved to Mobile and she joined the Army. A year later, I joined the Army. I got stationed in Panama and she got orders to Panama. Someone in Washington must have realized they screwed up putting us together in the place. Kim went to Hawaii instead.

Over the years we've both moved a lot. While she was in Hawaii I left Panama for Honduras and Germany. She left Hawaii for Kentucky while I went to Miami. She got married and had 2 beautiful girls. I got married, then divorced, then married again.

Currently, Kim lives in North Carolina and I'm in Alabama. Paige asks to talk to Aunt Kim. When the phone rings she asks if it's Grammy or Aunt Kim. If it is, she wants to talk. Kim and I chat everyday. Some days it's actually on the phone, some days it's only text messages, some days, like right now, it's chatting on Facebook. I guess there are times when we go longer without talking. Hectic lives with our families just overwhelms both of us some times. But, when we do, it's like we just talked the day before.

Now, go call your best friend. Doesn't matter if it's been a month, she'll be happy to hear from you. Really, she's been meaning to call, she's just been busy. If you had a fight, go say you're sorry. It doesn't matter if you were wrong or if she was. Just go say it. You'll both feel better. Life is short & she knows a lot about you. Do you really want her repeating it to the world?

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Kim said... made me cry....but it is so matter what I am here for you. Thank you for always listening to me gripe and moan and especially on the days when nothing good is happening....that is when you have the ear I really need cause you know men.."what is wrong with you...get over it...or my favorite from Ken "drink water" you for always being there for me and my girls....sometimes friendships are meant to last forever and you will be the one when I am 80 years old wiping my butt and telling me to take my damn!!! Love ya girl!! Kim