Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let Loose The Dogs Of War!!

Hello, It's Ronnie!

Yep, my turn to say a few words about the ongoing struggle of parents and children.

If you have been keeping up with Angie, you all know that I'm a out of work bum. So instead of going out to find a job, I have been lounging around the house in my smoking jacket eating Bon Bons. Actually I'm taking a week off, since I only had two days off during the month of August, I deiced to take some time to spend with Paige. I am trying to come up with different things to do, not just sit around the house. Today we are going to Municipal Park to see the old trains. But, yesterday was special. Yesterday, Paige and I went to visit the U.S.S. Alabama battleship park.

Here she is on the deck of the ship. We went inside and some parts she was cool with, but others she was kinda afraid of. I held her a lot while inside. When we got to the galley, she ran around looking at all the models of the old ships.

There is also a plane museum for aircraft. She went through this twice. "Daddy, take picture of me and plane!" So as you would imagine, I did.

The, "That's my plane!" pose.

There is also an old WWII Submarine, The U.S.S. Drum, we went thou that, again she was kinda scared through about half of the ship. The bridge kinda freaked he out though. Paige kept waving and saying hello to a group of elderly who were on a group tour of the park. One of them was nice enough to offer to take a pic of us in the sub. In case you were wondering, yes the hat I am wearing is from the U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 and on it is a Command pin from Star Trek, SciFi Daddy.

After the Sub we went back to see the planes, then Paige wanted to go back to the boat. This time we went up. All the way to the bridge of the ship, thank goodness for timer settings on cameras. The she wanted to eat lunch, the she said it was time for a nap. So we went back down and left the boat. Not before we went and saw he planes again.

For being such a good sport, I stopped by McD's to get some french fries. If you know anything about us, that was a huge treat. (I don't believe in fast food, something about being able to that myself or something) All in all, we had a very good day. I'm still trying to think of something extra special for Friday. Maybe the Zoo:)

For those of you who don't know about our ship,

Take a look.

Thanks for reading.

Ronnie Tony Elvis


Carol Beth said...

Wow, SciFi Daddy, it sounds like you had a great time with Paige! Looks like a good place to visit, especially for little girls who like planes and such. Ana would like it there.

By the way, have not yet located any Chappell Hill Chop Dust, but I keep adding it to my grocery list so I don't forget.

Angie said...

They did have a blast! Paige talked about the boat & planes non-stop last night. When we put her to bed at 7:30 she lay there for a few minutes then started screaming. Ronnie went in to check on her. She was telling him she wanted to go see the boat & planes again. He had to show her it was night time and that everyone was asleep. :) She woke up asking to go back. I think we may be visiting the boat a bit more often.