Thursday, September 4, 2008

May the fork be with you...

Tomorrow. Every child gets attached to certain objects. And every parent says words they never thought they would. I have added to my collection of Things I Never Thought I Would Say. Tonight I uttered the words "No, Paige, you can't take the fork to bed with you. You can have it back in the morning." A 10 minute melt down followed.

Here's the fork:

It looks innocent enough, right? I thought so too. Paige has played with this fork for 2 days now. She's fed Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Wii, her babies. She stabbed Ryan with it on accident. (It was the blunt in and she tripped while holding it.) This fork has been in her Dora backpack, her play kitchen, and on the dinner table. I don't know why the sudden attachment to the fork. Aunt Wii gave it to us when Paige started on solids. It's an old set of Ryan's. I think it may have even been Jeff's. (Wow. Jeff's 20. Old fork, huh?) We have the matching spoon. Wonder how long till she gets attached to that.

Last night Paige gave it up no problem. Tonight? I had to pry it from her hands. The entire time I was hearing "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands" in the back of my mind. She screamed. She gave night night kisses while screaming and begging for her fork. She even tried to drink a cup of milk while screaming for it. Finally, we convinced her. The fork is safely on the counter. Paige is finally asleep.

Of course, I could hear Aunt Wii, Unc & Ryan laughing down the hall as Daddy & I tried to calm her down. Thanks guys. And thank you to Ryan for the title.

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Carol Beth said...

GREAT title...and great story. That is so funny! No warm cuddly blankie for Paige.