Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Firsts this weekend!

We spent this weekend in New Orleans. Ronnie's grandmother (on his dad's side) turned 90. Maw Maw had a nice birthday dinner and we all attended. We left early yesterday in order to hit some of our favorite stops along the way.

Paige got a po boy at Jocko's Check In Check Out. Not a first for her by any means. She helped devour my fried shrimp po boy. Then, she had her first mufuletta with Daddy. She LOVED it! Full of meat and olive salad. What's for her to not like?

After she got full, it was off to her Phefe's barber shop. By no means was this her first haircut. I believe her first was at 4 months. But this was her first haircut by Phefe. (Ronnie's dad) She did quite well for him. No surprise there, she sits very still for Aunt Wii as well.

Saturday night was the dinner. The food was good. I heard the gumbo was great, but a bit spicy for Maw Maw. I can't comment as Paige at all of mine. The chicken was good though. I did get to eat that while Paige ate Ronnie's fish. (My child is incapable of eating from her own plate in a restaurant. She wants what you have. She had a plate full of fries & chicken tenders. She ate the gumbo & grilled fish. Go figure.) How many people does it take to light 90 candles? 6. How many people does it take to blow out 90 candles? About 10 if my count is accurate.

Saturday night was her first sleep over. We made a bed for her in her cousin Emily's bedroom. I wasn't sure how well this would go. Emily is 10 and has a different bedtime routine. Paige is usually in bed by 7:30, but we didn't even get back to my sister in law Connie's house until after 9. Emily & Paige got into jammies, then we brushed teeth. As Emily was brushing hers Paige crawled onto her little bed. She got over on the very side and I asked her why. She patted the other side and said "This where my friend is going to sleep." referring to Emily. I had to convince Paige that Emily would sleep in her own bed. Emily got into bed and read for a little while. She even got Paige some board books to read in her bed. I was in the bedroom next door and expected to hear Paige calling for me, or getting up to play. Nope. She read for a few minutes. Then, I heard Emily tell her she was turning out the lamp and good night. I heard a feeble night night from Paige, then nothing for the rest of the night.

Overall a good trip. We enjoyed it a lot. The only downside being my little mole removal site got infected. Please note the location of your mole when scheduling to have it removed. A mole on the inside of your elbow should only be removed during summer. In winter months wearing long sleeves over it isn't fun.

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