Monday, January 12, 2009

Chalkboard Wall

One wall of Paige's room is covered in chalkboard paint. It starts at the light switch and goes all the way to the baseboard. We did this about a year ago, maybe longer. She's such a little artist. She just loves to draw and color. It seemed like a no-brainer to me to give her a wall she can color on.

Some people said they don't think they could do it. What if the kids color somewhere else? So far we haven't had that problem. We have a sand bucket full of chalk sitting by the wall. We've spent many happy hours coloring on the wall.

The one drawback to it is cleaning it. To really get the chalk off you need to use a damp cloth. After a while, it starts to wash away the chalkboard paint as well. I'll probably need to repaint this spring. The painting is more like glooping it on. It's very thick, and does require a couple of coats. It's a wall she can use for years. Most kids love to draw. When she finally outgrows it, or we move out, it'll probably require a can of Kilz to get rid of it. A small price to pay for the amount of fun we've had!


Monica said...

We have a chalkboard wall and the big kids loved it. Jack recently discovered it and as young as he is (17mths) he knows that that is the only wall for drawing.

C. Beth said...

What a great idea!! Does she have carpet? I'm wondering if the chalk dust would mess up carpet.... I really like this idea though.

Angie said...

Beth- We do have carpet. She's good about putting the chalk back in the bucket. But, if it does get on the carpet, a quick rub with a damp towel cleans it right up!

ChriSpenceRachel said...

Tip from an ex-teacher - use Puffs Plus instead of erasers or wet cloths. They wipe the space absolutely clean and the lotion keeps the dust on the tissue. I've not tried them on the chalkboard paint, but they are a life saver in the classroom. One year a new teacher introduced us to the method and by the end of the year, no one in the whole building had an actual eraser anymore lol.

PS. The generic brands don't work as well :o(.


Sarah said...

This sounds liek a great idea. Can you get the chalkboard paint in different colors or just chalkboard color (black or green I guess). We have a playroon and I'm wondering what to do with it when we get the house painted!