Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Sinus Infection

There's something you don't find a place for in baby books! Have I mentioned that Paige has been cranky lately? Oh, you say I have? I thought so.

Yesterday Paige had 2 nosebleeds, something she's never had before. I decided it was time to go to the doctor. Luckily, we have a great pediatrician! Dr. Laycock is wonderful. We called at 7:30 and had an 8:30 appointment. My poor little girl has post nasal drip & a sinus infection. Just what she needs. Sinus infections are rather painful. At least that explains why she's been so cranky lately.

I know that at almost 3 she can't really tell me yet exactly what is wrong. I've been quizzing her lately. I would ask about ears, throat, tummy, the usual stuff. Yesterday she said her ears hurt. Then later she said they didn't.

Unfortunately it looks like Paige has inherited my sinus problems. I do wish she hadn't. That's one of the things I didn't really want to pass on to my child. My sinus issues, Ronnie's finger toes, the poor child is doomed! She'll be the kid at the beach with the runny nose & ugly toes. :(

1 comment:

C. Beth said...

Ha! If it helps, I have ugly toes and am pretty emotionally healthy. :)

Hope poor Paige is better very soon!