Sunday, January 25, 2009

Party Recap

The big party was a huge success! No doubts about it. We had a good turn out. There were 7 kids at the party, and 2 that came & left before the party started. (They had been sick & didn't want to share, which we all appreciated.) There were a few assorted family members, most with young kids. Her Godmother Nancy was called to an emergency on the other side of the family. We were disappointed she couldn't make it, but definitely understand. Being a nurse practitioner has a lot of responsibility for her. A great surprise was Paige's Meme made it! Meme and Paw Paw (Ronnie's dad) live in New Orleans. It makes it a bit hard for them to make it to every party we have. We were super happy that Meme could make it. Paw Paw couldn't, but Saturday is a busy day for him at his barber shop.

We let the kids run wild on the carport. We set up 2 large tables & 1 small one. The back table was just for paint & markers. Here Aunt Wii shows off the drying rack for the art work. Sorry, Aunt Wii, not the best picture of you, but the only one I have of the paint & drying!

The 2nd long table was set up with Play Doh on one end, and a create your own necklace area on the other end. Both of these tables were lots of fun for the kids. The Play Doh & paints got the most use.

Here Ryan (left) & Jessie (standing right) help Paige make a Play Doh snake. The small table held stickers & tattoos. The stickers were completly ignored. Everyone did get a tattoo though. By the end of the day the Play Doh was so mixed up that all of it just went into the trash. Don't worry about Paige, she has plenty more.

Paige specifically asked for a pink cake. Daddy made sure his little girl had a pink cake. No store bought cakes here, Daddy made it from scratch. It's pink cake, with each layer cut in half, and put back together with raspberry preserves.

And let's talk about the icing. You know that icing you grew up with? The one you're ashamed to admit you really love. The one made with Crisco. You know the one I'm talking about. Yeah, he made it from scratch too. And it was soooooo good. There was a full container left over. I love icing & have had a few spoonfuls of it. The finished product.

There were 2 cakes like this. We went through 1 1/2 at the party. The other half is going to work with Ronnie tomorrow. My office would kill me if I brought it in. She got help blowing out the candle from her friend Merick. Ronnie lit the candle several times while we sang Happy Birthday. Every time he lit the candle, Merick blew it out. His Mom grabbed him and Paige was able to blow it out by herself.

That's Merick behind Paige. She got to lick the candle so she was happy. She did get to share a snack with her boyfriend, Jude.

The grandparents got to meet Jude, and I think they approved of him. He's a cute little guy who has no idea Paige has declared him her boyfriend. But, since they've known each other practically since birth, I feel we know him well enough to give our blessings, for now.

And finally, after the party was over, we did some quick clean up. We discussed what to do about Paige. She didn't have a nap and was a bit cranky. I left her and Ronnie on the couch watching Hellboy while I went into the bedroom to call Mom. After about 5 minutes on the phone I came back out to find this.

Ronnie woke up just after I took this. We decided to let her sleep for about an hour then wake her up. It was already 4:30 and we didn't want her sleeping to late. She woke up on her own around 4:45. She was so cranky! She watched a bit more of Hellboy then fell back to sleep. We let her. Neither of us had the energy to deal with her crankiness anymore.

Slight crankiness aside, it was a great party. Everyone had a wonderfule time. Some people had told me I must be nuts to play a painting party for 3 year olds. It was perfect. I couldn't imagine a better theme for this years party. As parents & kids were leaving some even told me they would consider it for their kids!

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Heather said...

How wonderful! So glad the party was a success. I love the picture of Daddy and his little girl passed out at the end of the day. I'm looking forward to doing birthday parties for my little man! Sadly for his first birthday, we're far from friends and family. We've got a couple months to make a some new friends, though.