Thursday, January 29, 2009


Like most families we have lots of pictures up around our house. Any place we can stick a picture, we do. They're on shelves, walls, dressers, desks, everywhere. Tonight Paige & I were sitting on the couch watching Backyardigans. She looked over and spotted a picture.

Let me back up here. When Paige was 3 weeks old she had her first set of professional pictures. (My cousin Stephine is a photographer.) It may have been a bit young, but we wanted 5 generation pictures. (That would be on my side of the family, 4 generation on Ronnie's side.) We made an afternoon of it & there's lots of evidence of the photo shoot.

Paige discovered the picture of us with my parents. All of a sudden she started pointing and asking for her Grammy. I got down the picture for her. Paige looked over the picture naming everyone in the picture: Grammy, Grumpy, Mommy, Daddy, Baby. She was surprised to hear the baby was her. She immediately proclaimed it to be her picture. I asked if she would like to put her picture in her room. She went to bed tonight with the picture sitting beside her bed on her desk. I don't mind giving up the picture to her. I just wonder how many other family pictures will end up beside her bed.

And for a mole removal update: It's finally healing up well. It did get infected a few weeks ago. I've been keeping it covered & coated in Neosporin. Today I was able to go the entire day with no bandaid. It's not tender any more & has some new skin growing over it. I know, it's kinda gross to talk about. But, at least I spared you the details of it oozing green puss. Oops.


Monica said...

So show us the picture???

Angela said...

I'll scan it tonight when I get home & upload it.

C. Beth said...

Well, at least your favorite color is green. :-D