Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it party time yet?

I swear Paige is going to drive us nuts asking about her party. We get the question several hundred times a day. OK, more like 15 times a day, but I swear it feels like more! Her party is scheduled for this coming Saturday and I can't wait. I'm ready for her to stop asking about it. Besides all the work it takes.

Everything has been purchased, except the ice. I think it can wait until Saturday morning, even with our overnight temps getting down into the low 20's I think it's best to wait on that one. Goody bags are made. I still need to stuff the pinata & make the candies. Food will be done the day of the party. Really all that's left is the cleaning.

I'll admit it, I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. My house is mostly clean. As in if you walked in right now I wouldn't be too embarrassed. The living room could stand to be de-Paiged of all her toys, but oh well. I have an almost 3 year old, get over it. Now it's time to do the deep cleaning that really needs to be done more often. Cleaning off the shelving unit in the bathroom, decluttering my desk (& Ronnie's). These are the things that tend to get ignored.


Monica said...

ohh I hate the deep cleaning

Kim said...

girl...i am in my nesting mode big time..not sure if it is cause I know ken will be here full time soon (6 months guess that is soon) or what...redid the girls room...upstairs looks absolutely some decorations from kirklands (they are moving and had everything 30% off) and had the girls go through their toys. I am glad I did not go all out cause Julia's 100.00 doll house from 2 years ago was her first choice to go...but they are doing good with the stuff they got this year... We are on a 2 hour delay tomorrow due to snow so give me a call when you get a chance! Love ya!