Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Less Identifying Mark

Let the crime spree begin! I have one less identifying mark. I have several moles, 5 to be precise. Four of them don't bother me. Then there's that one on the inside of my right elbow. It catches on things, then bleeds, then hurts for a week. I've wanted to have it removed for years. I finally did it today.

None of them have changed color or appearance. Well, except for that one on my left thigh. It's gotten flatter as my thigh has gotten fatter. It had to spread out & cover more area! That's usually the first thing to look for. And if you have moles, I suggest you watch them to make sure. The dermatologist did send it off to the lab. He said if he doesn't then insurance considers it cosmetic & won't pay for it.

I will have a scar where the mole was. It'll be the same size as the mole & about the depth of a chicken pox scar. Not too bad. I'm really not worried about having another scar. I'll just add it to the car accident scars, stitches & miscellaneous other bangs I've done to my poor body over the years. If you're thinking of having a mole removed: go for it! There's a few seconds of pain as you get a Novocaine injection. After that, all you feel is a bit of pressure. The tingly sensation in my hand took longer to go away.

So, let the crime spree begin. No one can identify me by my right elbow. Now, if only the government didn't have my fingerprints & DNA.


Monica said...

That darn DNA

My comment verification--deblood

no joke

C. Beth said...

Okay, I think I need to heed your excellent advice. I have a little mole on the tip of my nose! Thank goodness it's flat, not raised. But it's gotten a bit bigger over the last few years, and it would be nice not to have a brown dot on the end of my nose, flat as it may be. Maybe I'll get it removed. I'll have to pay out of pocket (high deductible), but I can't imagine it would be too terribly expensive.

Angie said...

Beth- If your doc sends it to the lab to be analyzed insurance should cover it. This didn't even go towards my deductible! It was done in office & literally only took about 10 minutes total. If it's removed without being sent to the lab, insurance considers it cosmetic.

Monica- I know. If we can figure out how to change the DNA I'm good! Darn Army getting my DNA to identify my body.