Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back to School Time

I've got just 1 more class. After I complete that class, I will have enough credits to sit for the CPA exam. My local university offers certain classes only in certain semesters. If I don't take the class now, I'll have to wait until next January. I don't want to take the class during tax season, so summer semester it is. I'll be in class Tuesday & Thursday evenings. I start class Tuesday, and my final is the end of July. Yes, I'm already looking forward to the final & class being over. I'm tired of being college. I want to be done.

The problem with being done? Then I have to actually sit for the CPA exam. That involves lots & lots of studying. The exam prep course is extremely expensive, about $3,000. Lucky for me, a coworker is willing to loan me his. One huge step down, several more to go before I'm ready to sit for the exam.

On other housekeeping notes, you will get new pictures posted tomorrow. I'm getting a haircut after work. I'm chopping off what hair I do have & going to a pixie. Again. I've had them before, and will go back to it. Wendy has me scheduled for 3:15-ish tomorrow. I'll take pictures. My dad has been in the hospital since the day after Easter. He's getting out tomorrow. My brother in law has had a setback in his cancer recovery. He should be out of ICU soon. Looks like things are looking up.

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