Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's the deal with Moms?

This post may or may not offend some Moms out there. I don't mean to, but I have to ask the question. What's the deal with some of these moms? We have a membership to our local hands on science museum. We got once a month or so. Paige loves to play in there. They have a special area called The Wharf. It's for kids 5 and under. Everything is sized for the toddler/preschool age group. There's a shrimp boat sailing in a sea of blue balls. Realistic rubber sea creatures swim in it. There's even a market area where kids can weigh and ring up on a cash register their purchases. It's a great area!

Paige & I went this morning. I find this area a perfect place to encourage Paige to play with kids she doesn't know & to share. Other Moms there? Not so much. Their kids can play with others, in the same area, but no way will they make their kids share. If Paige had it first and she shares with them, the parent thinks it's OK for the kids to walk off with the toy. Paige was building with oversized padded shapes. She built a ramp to run up and down. A little boy came up to play, and Paige took turns with him. The Mom sat there and didn't make him wait his turn. She let him run all over it and Paige. I corrected the boy, telling him to wait his turn. That got me a nasty look. Granted, I wouldn't want someone else to correct my child, but she wouldn't stop her child!

My other issue I keep running into are these snobby Moms. I'm the Mom in the ball pit letting my child cover me in blue plastic balls. I'm wearing nice clothes, but no makeup. Paige is dressed nice as well. There are all types of Moms there. But there always seems to be this little clique of Moms. The ones carrying their D&G purse, expensive clothes, and their Gucci sunglasses in their over processed large hair, with way too much makeup on. You hear them making snide remarks about the other Moms there. And forget their kids playing with yours. They are just way too much better than you are. They act & treat you, like because you aren't like them, you aren't worthy. Today I heard them criticizing someone else's parenting, the way one family was dressed, and me playing in the ball pit.

I dread running into situations like this. Am I the only one who does? Maybe it's just something in our area? But I somehow doubt it.


Monica said...

nope, sister, that is all over. There are mommys and then there are incubators.

We can't blame the way the world is purely on dead beat dads anymore.

C. Beth said...

Wow, that would totally bother me! Being in a suburban area that is middle-income I don't think I run into that the way I would if I was, say, downtown.

Angela said...

That's just it Beth, it's downtown, which is centrally located to most of the city. This is one of the best attractions for kids in our area. It gets people from all walks of life. I know we all have different parenting styles. But I think all kids should be taught common courtesy. Unfortunately, like common sense, it's not very common anymore.

Kim said...

Alrighty long as we have been friends and I have had my kids you know how I feel...I will go off on someone else's kid in a heartbeat, since the parents now a days dont. I will not let someone talk down to them, make fun of them, or talk about my parenting skills either. I know I am not the greatest mom but my kids are respectful to adults and other kids, share, and I expect the same in return. You should hear the things I hear... One "officer's wife" told me that she cannot leave the house cause of how bad her child is. I wanted to tell her just give him one good one and that would change...but...I was the good nurse and just smiled and tried to get the little s*** to do what I needed so I could get them out of my area. (No he did not, so documented and still off they went) It kills me to see parents critize others when they have a kid who kicks and screams on the floor when they do not get their own way. I think I can count 1 x my children tried it and they never did it again. (I cannot remember Gabrielle so much as Julia, but Julia will try anything once to test me....geez...where did she get it from...oh yeah...her dad) Anyway, you are great..just like me trying to get my fat butt down the slide with the kids, on roller skates, trying to ride the scooters, on the slip and slide, and oh my....I actually get into the pool and play with my kids instead of dare ya!!!

Fannyfanackapan said...

Hi - I found your Blog via CBeth's. Just want to say that Paige will remember you playing with her and letting her bury you in the ballpit. The snobs children will NOT remember that Mommy always had the best clothes and designer sunglasses on while she ignored them.

Those desperate housewives opinion of you is the very least important thing in the world.